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The Quick Start Guide To Superfoods! Learn about these SUPER foods

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Superfoods for a Super You!

You can jump to these superfoods:

  1. Raw cacao powder
  2. Raw maca powder
  3. Raw hemp seeds
  4. Raw chia seeds
  5. Bee products - pollen, royal jelly, honey
  6. Coconut
  7. Goji berries
  8. Medicinal mushrooms

Our family is known as “the Superfood Family.” We all enjoy superfoods and have researched their value, speaking often at conferences and seminars about them. Even our youngest children enjoy superfoods every day of their lives, and their health and vitality show it!

But what are superfoods? 

“Superfoods” is a word used to define foods that have exemplary qualities and nutrients. There are more than the following seven superfoods, but these are my top picks for ease of eating, nutrient capacity, and effect on wellness. They have major super powers! These foods stand out among the crowd and are easy to incorporate into the daily life of anyone! 

What about GREEN POWDER & superfoods?
Well, they get their own page HERE!

Some of the Benefits of Adding Various Superfoods To Your Diet:

  1. Mental alertness
  2. Heart health
  3. Better circulation & blood flow
  4. Reduce inflammation
  5. Mood elevation
  6. Increase energy
  7. Enhanced memory, learning and mental ability
  8. Increased libido
  9. Fight infection
  10. Increase the body's vitamin and mineral absorption
  11. Increase strength and muscle development
  12. Slow down the aging process 


Enjoy making ANYTHING taste like PURE Chocolate! Cacao is a top pick for magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, and zinc from any food. Cacao contains 314% of the U.S. RDA of iron per ounce! Raw Cacao also contains vitamin C too. Raw cacao powder is widely considered to be a superfood by medical professionals and health advocates alike. Cacao has the highest antioxidant flavonoids level of any food tested thus far having 30 times the number of antioxidants found in red wine, and 21 times of that found in green tea! Raw cacao powder is a wonderful source of magnesium, which is known as the 'great alkalizer' as well as being beneficial for heart health, brain alertness, good digestion, strong bones, and mental clarity. It is estimated to have a glycemic load of 1. Cacao supports cardiovascular health and can help to prevent atherosclerosis. Studies on cacao reveal it can protect the body from free radicals and environmental toxins. Its flavanols boost blood flow, can lower blood pressure, and may reduce anti-inflammatory responses – all while elevating the mood!


It’s high in vitamins B1, B2, C, D3, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc and Iron! It also contains 18 Amino Acids. Maca Powder is an adaptogen. It is able to identify “hot spots” of stress or weakness in the body. Maca is nutrient-packed, containing an array of minerals, essential amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes. Maca Powder contains over 55 different active phytochemicals including hormonal precursors and sterols. The phytochemicals in Maca are part of the reason people enjoying raw Maca Powder. They experience increased energy levels, better libido, and feel happier. Benefits of Maca Pow-der: enhanced memory, learning, and mental ability. Good for healthy teeth and bones. It enhances fertility, provides over 20 different fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12 and B1 & B2, vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals. It can support the nervous system, digestive system, and reproductive system. It helps to reduce adrenal stress to bring our bodies back into balance. Due to the high levels of naturally occurring plant sterols found in Maca, it is used by bodybuilders who want a natural alternative to anabolic steroids.

Note: Do not take too much maca too soon! Start with 1/2 tsp.

Maca Story #1
One of the seniors in a local high school was really into making superfood shakes each day, adding many super-foods to his daily green drinks. One day, he used a bit of maca, and his mother suggested he take some out. He ignored her, and commented he would be “ just fine.” He learned an especially important lesson that day…his mother recalls… “Mom!” he loudly exclaimed, walking through the door, “You were right! I had way too much maca…I was feeling feelings I never felt before!”

Yup – that maca does things for the body and libido that not many other foods can do…

Maca Story #2
My husband, Roger, is one of those men who would never let his sons out-do him. He always keeps fit, and although not too large in stature, has more stamina and endurance than anyone I have ever seen. Too many instances to tell them all here, but here’s one story I want to share: On a fall weekend, Roger took his scouting group to the hills for some rock climbing. There were some great rock faces, and he and the boys were taught about belaying and climbing. He, of course, started on route formation 2. There were five routes all together. The boys struggled to make it up one, a few made it up 2, and one other leader made it up 2. And then there was Roger, waving from the top of five. When they were all done climbing, the boys were pretty impressed. Roger proudly strutted, as any good man would, after showing up all the high school boys and the other men, and simply said “It’s the superfoods.”

Earlier that morning he had made superfood smoothies and offered them to the boys and men at camp. Some were reluctant, but others enjoyed them. He told them about bee pollen, maca, cacao, chia, hemp, and other items he’d put in the blender. While explaining maca, he mentioned many of its benefits, including endurance and, well, the benefits of libido…so…they started calling him…Maca Man!

To this day, they still call him Maca Man, and I must admit, the first few weeks at church they looked at us snuggling on the pew and probably had a few thoughts…oh well! At least they know what they have to look forward to! With so many marriages suffering in this area, it’s good for people to know love can always be set on fire!


A Nutritional Powerhouse! Hempseed is considered by leading researchers and medical doctors to be one of the most nutritious food sources on the planet. I personally enjoy hemp in morning drinks, salad dressings, and in raw cookies. Shelled hempseed is packed with 35% pure digestible proteins and is rich in iron and vitamin E, as well as Omega-3 and GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid). It contains all of the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary to maintain great health, and superior human nutritional needs. Hemp is a good source of the brain-building / liver-supporting lecithin (a lipid substance comprised of choline and inositol). See those tiny green leaves? That’s chlorophyll, an essential blood builder found in leafy greens! A recent report funded by the Canadian government states that hemp protein is comprised of 66% high-quality edistin protein, and that hempseed contains the highest percentage of this found in any plant source. Edestin aids in the first line of defense against infection. Eat hemp! Hemp also contains three times the vitamin E contained in flax.


Bee Pollen is an alkaline food considered by many health professionals and nutritionists to be one of the most complete foods found in nature. It is loaded with super high antioxidant levels, which eliminate free radicals, is also a known potent aphrodisiac and improves fertility, sperm health and drive. It can help you increase strength, endurance, energy levels, muscle growth, and definition, increase your longevity, clear up acne, assist in reversing aging and wrinkles. It is known for helping with allergies, as it reduces the production of histamine. It is abundant in B vitamins, helping to aid us in our defense against stress. According to research by European doctors, pollen is one of the richest sources of bioavailable protein in nature. It is approximately 25% usable protein. Gram for gram, pollen contains an estimated 5–7 times more protein than meat, eggs, or dairy!


Organic CHIA SEEDS contain the important mineral boron, a catalyst for the absorption of calcium. Chia contains high-quality natural oil: 3–10 times that of most grains and twice the protein found in grains. Eating chia can improve endurance and build muscle and tissue, and is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Chia is good for protecting against diseases of the heart and circulatory system, can aid in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels, is beneficial to skin, hair, and the brain. It supplies nutrients that protect against free radicals which contribute to cancer, heart disease, and manyraw chia seed superfood
age-related illnesses. Its mucilaginous properties cleanse and soothe the colon. It has been used to aid in bowel cancer, diverticulitis, colitis, chronic constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome. It is an appetite satisfier and useful for dieting. Chia contains the 8 essential amino acids (and others), vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B15, B17, C, D, E, K, choline, folic acid, inositol, PABA, and is loaded with minerals and electrolytes! Yes, chia seeds ARE the same seeds used for the magical chia pet so many of us grew up with! Go chia! Go chia! It’s your birthday…


Known as the longevity fruit, Goji berries have VERY High levels of polyphenolic antioxidants, are loaded with vita-mins C, B1, B2, and B3 and have more than 30 essential and trace minerals including zinc, copper, calcium, selenium, and phosphorous. These delicious berries are a complete protein containing 18 amino acids, including tryptophan, leucine, and arginine. raw goji berries superfoodThese help the body boost the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), helping slow down the aging process and is regarded as a strong sexual tonic. Because of this, the plant was often given as wedding gift as it improves overall stamina, mood, and well-being, all of which contribute to a healthier sex life. Goji berries grow well in many climates, and are absolutely fantastic in smoothies, raw cookies, fruit roll ups, or just as a snack! They are a daily food staple in our home! My favorite is soaking a handful of them, and blending with watermelon, maca, chia, and hemp! YUM! 


Recently, our son Eric and I walked off the plane in Salt Lake City and as we arrived at the baggage terminal, there stood my daughter, Jenna, holding two delicious young coconuts, complete with straws and spoons. Can you say NUTRITION?
Coconut is, a seed – a seed from heaven! An unbelievably delicious and full-of-life seed that comes from a tree that natives affectionately call “the tree of life.” There is so much research done on the benefits of coconut, and so many demonstrations of its vast medicinal value, that this paragraph is nothing but a glimpse into its true worth.

coconut benefitsHere it goes: Coconuts are very high in healthy saturated fats, coconuts can kill viruses that cause influenza, herpes, measles, hepatitis C, and other illnesses. It can kill tapeworms, lice (suffocates), giardia, and other parasites. It can kill yeasts that cause candidiasis, thrush, ringworm, athlete’s foot, and even diaper rash. It kills numerous different bacteria. It improves digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and amino acids. Coconuts are great for metabolism as they increase the speed and function of the thyroid.

They boost energy and endurance and are great for athletes; improves secretion of insulin and the utilization of blood glucose; supports the development of strong bones and teeth; relieves symptoms associated with ulcerative colitis; Crohn’s disease; stomach ulcers; improves bowel function while relieving pain from hemorrhoids; improves cholesterol ratio reducing the risk of heart disease; helps prevent tooth decay; reduces epileptic seizures and dissolve kidney stones. We recommend topical application for psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, age spots, and dandruff, as well as to help hydrate, soften and nourish the skin. Heck, we use it as sunscreen, as well, because it helps protect against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation! 

Raw coconut water is an excellent nutrition source for young children, and even infants, as it contains growth-promoting properties, making it excellent for improving muscle size and general physical growth in children. Coconut water is Mother Nature’s GATORADE! It’s packed with electrolytes and is great for hydration. You get the picture? I truly feel displaced here in Utah – our family should be on a tropical island with the tree of life! But luckily, you can just stop in a health food store or an Asian store and pick up coconut products! Grab a straw and spoon to enjoy this seed from heaven!


If you stop in to visit me, you will most likely be offered a cup of tea. However, it isn’t just any cup of tea! It is a cup of warm chaga, astragalus and reishi mushrooms steeped for hours and blended with water, raw cacao, fresh coconut or coconut powder and a pinch of local honey. Jenna did this quite often at the Utah center, and introduced me to the I just call it “heaven in a cup!”

We enjoy and use medicinal teas daily, so I wanted to make sure we covered some of the medicinal mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms are thought of as one of the most powerful immune system builders and overall cell integrity strengtheners!


Medicinal mushrooms are apoptogenic, meaning they help the body “adapt” to factors brought on by your external and internal environment. Often, they significantly increase the body’s resistance to illness, trauma, anxiety, or fatigue. We use these mushrooms often in our wellness centers to normalize the over-activity or under-activity of the body’s organs, glands, and hormones, as well as for weight loss, memory, cancer, and disease.


Go online to read all you can. You will fall in love with those growths found in the ground and on trees!

NOTE: Don’t just go pick any mushrooms now, some are deadly…all are edible, but some only once! KNOW YOUR MUSHROOMS!

Although there are over a hundred varieties of medicinal mushrooms, a few stand out in research regarding cancer. 

If you are interested in learning more about medicinal mushrooms, there are websites dedicated to your learning. Paul Stamets is one of my favorite researchers and educators on mushrooms. He is detailed, scientific, and well-versed in his presentations. Mushrooms are amazing!


Medicinal mushrooms used to treat disease:

 • Agaricus subrufescens AKA Agaricus blazei and Agaricus brasiliensis
• Ganoderma Reishi Mushroom Ling Zhi, AKA“The Mushroom of Immortality”
• Lentinula edodes AKA Shiitake
• Grifola frondosa AKA Maitake
• Inonotus obliquus AKA Chaga “Black Tree Fungus”
• Cordyceps AKA Tochukasu, “Caterpillar fungus”
AGARICUS BLAZEI was the entrée for animals in a study conducted by the Medical Department of Tokyo University, The National Cancer Center Laboratory and Tokyo College of Pharmacy. It proved to be quite effective in treating cancer. 99.4% of test subjects experienced anti-cancer effects while the rate of complete recovery within test animals was as high as 90%! Agaricus blazei has several anti-tumor effects and is recognized as an angiogenesis inhibitor.

REISHI is best known as a longevity tonic, and is used in China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries. Reishi is used in cancer treatment as studies show it enhances immune response, vitality, strength, and stamina and raises antioxidant capacity. It is anti-inflammatory. It may also help prevent cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity. Further studies show that side effects from chemotherapy such as nausea and kidney issues are often softened and even eliminated when consuming reishi.

SHIITAKE is used in Japan for cancer patients due to the mushroom’s immune-enhancing functions. One of the compounds found in Shiitake – Lentinan, has been used as an intravenous anti-cancer drug! Clinical studies using lentinan show a lessoned recurrence of cancer, and a higher quality of life and survival rate. Animal studies show positive rates of cancer regression.

MAITAKE is used widely in Asia for hypertension and diabetes. It is also known for greatly enhancing the immune system and protecting cells with its antioxidant properties. Studies show Maitake as having potential anti-metastatic properties helping to stop the spread of cancer. The anti-cancerous effects come from the ability Maitake has to activate macrophages, natural killer cells, and T cells. Maitake is used in both Chinese and Japanese medicine and is DELICIOUS when cooked!

CHAGA is used as traditional medicine in Russia and Eastern Europe. Studies show Chaga offers reduced toxicity from radiation. Betulinic acid comes from botulin which is found in Chaga Mushrooms. Betulinic acid has been shown to inhibit topoisomerase, a cancer-promoting enzyme. Chaga shows that it inhibits tumor cell growth. Chaga is used to treat skin, brain, ovarian, head and neck cancers, because it promotes apoptosis – which you recognize from the cell chapter as cell death.

CORDYCEPS is widely included in Chinese Medicine anti-cancer formulas. Acting as an immune stimulator, it strengthens the T Cells and Natural Killer Cells. As well as aiding as a protection to the kidneys from chemotherapy, it also prolongs the life of white blood cells. Cordyceps has been used in Chinese and Tibetan medicine. Scientists at The University of Nottingham have been studying one of the active medicinal compounds found in cordyceps – cordycepin – as a potential cancer treatment drug. Exciting as it is, myelogenous type of cancers (those originating in the bone marrow or blood) did not have favorable results using this mushroom. This fungus grows on insects and arthropods, making caterpillars easy prey. The caterpillar dies after the attack, and the fungus grows. Seems slightly displeasing, until the research and-health benefits outweigh the thought! 

“Mushroom polysaccharides have remarkable anti-tumor activity. Mushrooms have anti-hyperlipidemic, hypotensive, and hypoglycemic actions. Beta-glucan from maitake mushrooms may induce apoptosis in prostate cancer cells. Shiitake extracts have reduced cholesterol and have anti-viral effects. Mushrooms are high fiber and function as prebiotics, antioxidants, and antibiotics.” – The Anti-Aging Solution: 5 Simple Steps to Looking and Feeling Young by Vincent Giampapa, Ronald Pero, and Marcia Zimmerman

There are thousands and thousands of pages of well-documented and researched studies throughout the world, proving that medicinal mushrooms offer hope, healing and relief from most ailments and forms of disease. Please research and discover for yourself why “heaven in a cup” is truly – heavenly!

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