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We just finished taping the most exciting detox class I have ever personally done.  The energy was great, we had loads of new information, and who doesn’t get excited when you are surrounded by the best people EVER! AHHH!

Afterwards I was sharing with our son Eric, experiences we had while videotaping at the Rock Canyon Studios with Gaynor Brunson.  Gaynor is a hoot, the studio is AWESOME, and the class went perfect.  For some reason the point of elimination was specifically stressed.  I shared with Eric that I remember repeating the words “You must eliminate so you can absorb!  What goes in must come out if it is not used by the cells!”  and he, being a physics buff, said to me “Mom!  That is the most important law of physics!

How true it is!  If we do not absorb oxygen we do not eliminate carbon dioxide.  If we do not eliminate waste from our body we simply cannot absorb nutrients – it’s a cell thing! 

If our colons become impacted and we stop eliminating 2-3 times a day, we can reabsorb those toxins in to our blood stream.  If our extracellular (outside the cell) fluid is full of waste, how can our tiny cells eliminate?  Just what products are being absorbed back into the intracellular (inside the cell) fluid? Those toxins and waste is dangerous! (and gross…)

We must sweat. We must have bowel movements.  We MUST ELIMINATE! 

Just as the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide depends on carbonates such as sodium and potassium and also phosphates, your bowels, skin, and cellular fluid is dependent on minerals and water to eliminate. 

Water conducts electricity only if there are minerals in it.  Pure distilled water is hollow and cannot conduct electricity (which is why we add minerals, lemon, mint, goji berries, etc.) but it does not contain contaminants as most all other water does. Drinking water will help you eliminate as it can saturate the cells with whatever is in it!  

Water with food coloring, fancy chemical additives (non-absorbed by the cell – just junk in water), nitrates, your neighbors pharmaceuticals, or rock minerals is already “full” and not the best hydrator.  A quart of distilled water with plant minerals (vortex it for some real action) is going to deliver those minerals immediately to the cells and cleanse the body! DRINK WATER! We recommend 2 quarts by 2pm.  Then drink as you wish!  Just you wait until we release the second edition of LIVE – we updated the water section with so much cool information!

Minerals.  Minerals minerals minerals.  I seem to preach those yes? Sorry but I will never stop! Consuming foods rich in minerals (plants and vegetation) will help your body can thrive! Magnesium is the mineral of the muscle, so if you are having a hard time with constipation, eat foods rich in magnesium and take a great magnesium supplement made from food – like the Mega Food magnesium.

Wonder if you are getting enough minerals?  Measure your pH!  Simply test to see how much potential of hydrogen you have.  The more hydrogen from plants – the greater the minerals source within the body. We use pH Ion test strips and have everyone test their pH as we work with them because they can watch and feel themselves improve! More about pH in my book LIVE, and test strips can be found at any health food store.

To absorb those nutrients you consume in your green drinks, salads, or trail mix, you must be eliminating! If you are having trouble with elimination, just call us!  Pick up one of the products we recommend, or meet with a natural health professional that can help you.  Just do it! 

Absorb good things and eliminate the bad, in with the good out with the bad, it’s a law of human life!

You got this!




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