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The Answer to Everything is Always…….

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I was walking through Steins Gardens and Gifts in Wisconsin a few months back. I was admiring all the festive colors and accents to your home when a sign caught my eye “It’s Never too Late to Start The Day Over.”

I laughed and thought how true that was.

Recently I was in a meeting with one of our staff members. I realized she was going through a lot at home, and had participated in negative talk and blame regarding one of our new staff members. This was off-setting the work environment and both of their spirits. As I listened, I prayed for what to do. I had love for this woman and I wanted the situation to resolve with no hurt.

Then I remembered that little saying and said…. “It’s never too late to start the day over."

She stared at me. I explained we could always just stop blaming others, we could always stop finding fault, speaking ill, being self-conscious and worrying about what others thought. We can always start the day over whether it was 3 pm, 6 pm or 10 pm. And, we can always start the job over.

She broke down and wept. Yes! She could just start over. I would forgive her, everyone would! I called an impromptu staff meeting, got it all in the air, and we loved one another unconditionally.


She immediately found new excitement for the staff member she had previously found fault in. I asked that she look at those people, family and friends in her life that brought her to the place of judgment and low frequency.

Gossip is always low frequency. Finding fault in others is low frequency, hate, envy, self-righteousness, dishonesty and lack of hope for a situation is all low frequency.

Personally, I pay close attention to those that surround me in my life because their frequency matters! If I surround myself with negative people, I can absorb negativity. If I surround myself with joy, love and excitement for life, I soak up joy, love and excitement for life!

Does is get any better than that? I also realize that there have been times where I have been the negative frequency, and so I ask for forgiveness while adjusting my own attitude. Asking for forgiveness and forgiving are the only ways to move forward and increase the peace in our lives.

Lucky for us, our sweet staff member was open to starting over.

Not everyone cares to start over. It usually means realizing they may have been negative or wrong in the first place. Sadly, there are those who frequently gossip and find fault with situations and others. They themselves then feel “right” and justified. They have a hard time just accepting apologies, forgiving and starting over. May we live our lives always in a place to forgive and be forgiven. May we reach out to others with love and kindness, not judgment and fault finding.

May we look at those in our day-to-day lives and see what frequencies they add to our soul. Is it positive, uplifting and exciting? Or is it negative, whinny and depressing? Then, either infuse them with your amazing positive frequencies and see if they can be lifted up, or find less time to spend with them.

Remember, not everyone is comfortable at a higher frequency. Old habits are hard to break.

Allow them to live where they are comfortable, you can’t force joy on anyone! Those people and situations that project low frequency (including the music you listen too, movies and shows you watch) can cause you grief, illness and in some cases even death. Their negativity, their anger, their bitterness and their blame on others will never raise you up. Their uncaring and numbness to other peoples’ pain and hurt, feelings or life situations will only cause a negative feeling in them and those around them.

TANGENT: I’m a cell chick, and for those who have heard me speak on this subject, you know everything matters to the cell. Your cells cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy. The movies you watch, the shows you listen to, and the words you hear from the radio all matter as your cells react as if it had happened to you. Thus, low frequencies can easily be absorbed when watching a show on the TV or listening to music with sad and negative lyrics. i.e.: Your body will make the hormones for fight or flight as you watch an intense movie....etc. – ok, end of tangent!

Perhaps today is the day to take a brief moment and write the names of those you live with, associate with and work with in two columns: Those that raise you up and make your life exciting, and those that make you question others and bring you down.

Sit back and seriously consider spending more time with those that lift and elevate your life! May I end with a line from a song sung by millions of children from around the world…….“When our hearts are full of love, others will love you.”

The answer to everything you ask?

Let me press my magic “That was Easy” button and say….. LOVE!

Enjoy a tremendous week, and go and do what you need to, to raise the frequency of your life!


Karen Living Life ELEVATED!

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