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Staying FOCUSED!

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What!? Become Distracted?

natural focus and energyI don’t know about you, but my focus can change in a mere second.

Maybe it was having multiple people saying “mom” at once, or my desire to be doing something new, a love of change, but staying focused has been a lifelong pursuit.

This is not an email about how to stay focused, because that post would be hypocritical for me to write.

Rather this is an email where I can share a successful secret and thought…

Everyday I say the following;

Where Focus Goes Energy Flows

Often, I need to re-evaluate what I’m focused on (sometimes hourly) to make sure I’m staying on my path.

That sounds all fine and dandy until a daughter goes in the labor, the puppy needs to be taken outside, a child needs to get picked up from school, my granddaughter calls wanting to facetime, we have unexpected guests arrive, or I get a must take phone call from my son or mother, which I better answer!


That’s what we call the shiny distractions in our family.

And….. we have a lot of them, and are all ok with them.  

See, it's all about what we’ve done.

It’s about what YOU’VE done.

When we look at our past,  we see where our focus has been.

I am full of gratitude for this AMAZING world and it’s Creator.

I am a dedicated and loving mother.

I am a faithful and happy wife.

I am a loving and excited grandma.

I am actively helping people in our neighborhood.

I am helping my clients find answers

I am always studying and learning.

I am creating a life of abundance for myself and my family.

I am careful of what I let come inside of me (thoughts, emotions, words, foods, etc.)

I am secure and happy with my body.

I am full of love for everyone, and I know they feel it.

I am HAPPY to be alive!

In my life and yours, there are lots of things that are also, done.

So although you, like me, may enjoy new opportunities, adventures, squirrels, and sometimes feel like nothing's really getting done, you have accomplished a lot.

You have achieved, rather you have completed, what your focus has been on.

Where Focus Goes Energy Flows…..

Today, I encourage you to make a list of I AM’s.

List what you are, and what you have accomplished.

Then, decide what line you want to add next.

I am ______

Whatever you want added to that list is where your focus needs to go.

Share it with someone so they know your goals and help each other stay focused on the next I AM.

As far as Karen goes, my focus is currently on our daughter Jenna’s June wedding, Julia getting settled in her new apartment, a seventh - eighth - and ninth grandchild (June-July), and getting the third edition of my book done.  Oh, and we will have that marketing firm chosen soon…..

You can hold me accountable to the next I AM’s  on my list!

What will be your next I AM?

Let’s utilize our Karen’s Holistic Health Facebook page to communicate as a community and keep each other focused on the next I AM!

For this I am FOCUSED!


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