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Shift Happens

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My yoga instructor has this on her license plate, and after giggling, I thought… true!

Every few months my husband and children would walk in the doors after school and find the family room rearranged.  The baby grand piano moved, the television set and all the seating in a new location. 

“Mom’s at it again” they would tease, “just can’t sit still enough! Always changing things!”

But how could I help it? I’d wake up and see a new way of arranging our living room and got all excited so…..Ta-Da!  New living room arrangement.  It was always better than the past arrangement in my mind, and we adjusted well and enjoyed the “new groove.”

One day in Wisconsin, our long term employee at The Gardens Wedding center walked into work and found grocery items in our wedding store.  She had been gone for two weeks and during that week we decided to start a Natural Health Food Store, pass our floral business to the employees at the time (who still run the successful floral division today) , and sell off all the wedding and bridesmaid dresses, eventually closing the wedding store.  (Ok, we still own some dresses for dress up!  We do have lots of girls!)

Our employee, Megan, simply stared at the food items, laughed, and helped unpack groceries.  She had been with us for years and stayed with us for another two years until she moved out of the city.  She knew……

Shift happens. 

Whether it be the living room, a bedroom, a new car, a new diet, a new way of approaching medical care, or a change in business arrangements, shift brings change.  That change is often because we saw something that was possible, that was even better than before.  Not that what we had wasn’t good, as shift never implies that what we were doing was bad, but rather that we had a vision of something new.

Many of you know Roger and I and our family have a vision. That is why we left our beautiful three acres and large home (and baby grand) in Wisconsin and now live in a garage in Utah! Mind you it has since been remodeled by wonderful friends….but it is…… a garage!

Our business is shifting.  

We are looking to open a Healing Retreat Center where people can come for not only a beautiful and healthy retreat, but others can stay and come to heal.  We have much in mind, and we keep that at the forefront of our vision as we look at properties.  

When we create a shift in any part of our life, it affects others.  When we change our diet, some may think us insane and those we live with not want to participate.  When we shift our approach to health we may seem to get ridiculed by those who do not have the same vision.  When we shift our thoughts to be more positive and uplifting, those who see negatively seem to drift further away from us and not remain our friends.  

And when we shift in business, and move towards our new visions, change happens.

We are all shifting.  All of us truly are!  This is a great time to squeeze out stagnant waters from the ponds in our life, to focus on positive thoughts and keep out the negative.  

Some become poisoned by others during shifting, because not all others have the same visions or beliefs in our visions as we do. It is our obligation to stay the course to our vision.  It was given to US, because we were ready for it.  They simply may not be not ready yet to see or accept the vision.  And sadly, there are those who are out to squash visionaries!  They want it the way it always was!  The same dinners, the same movies nights, the same routine.  

Remember my favorite saying “Invite, Invite, delete.”

Continue to invite those around you to enjoy the newness of your shifting.  The new thoughts, the new tastes, the new arrangements, the new attitude, the new approaches, perhaps new classes to attend. If it doesn’t work and they remain negative, then simply….hit the delete button and more on.  Clear the phone contacts from those that carry poison, or negative attitudes and go THRIVE in your vision and in your shift!

Our “who’s” wake up each day and listen to voices we do not hear with our ears.  If you’ve read my book, you know who your “who” is.   That inner spirit really does hear and pick up messages we cannot hear. Let that “who” inspire you with visions and to shift. Whatever you call the voices from your “who” – downloads, the Spirit, the Holy Ghost, just listen.  Wake up inspired and listen.

Shift happens!

May your life be full of visions, shifting towards the higher goals, and full of love and gratitude for the spaces you have been. We grow each step of the way, and when we look back we can see each shift in our life, attitude, health and business.  And hopefully, those shifts have helped us and others grow and become better people. 

Respect those around us who do not see our vision, or who do not want to shift, as they have every right to remain where they are doing what they want.   The spouse and kids know where the kitchen is and can make their own food if they get hungry while mom or dad is “shifting” their diet, no longer providing the same food for the family.  That’s ok. Shifters need not think everyone around them will shift at the same pace.  Remember, we all have our own visions, our own timeframes and we must respect those around us.

As far as Karen’s Energy goes, the shift happening is EXCITING!  We meet with thousands each month, and watch lives alter, shift, improve, and thrive. As part of this shift, we will be moving the headquarters from Wisconsin to Utah.  The offices for the Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor course, EMPOWERED and Karen’s Energy is moving to our Draper location in Utah.  

We are so happy that all of you have been part of this great shift.  The shift America is seeing regarding health.  YOU are influencing others by your new ideas, foods, thoughts, recipes, attitudes and you are wonderful in exercising patience with those not ready to shift.  Keep it up!

So GO! Wake up tomorrow and listen…….drive in the car and listen…..go to bed and mediate and listen… will hear and see visions. You will be impressed to create a shift. Then all you need to do is create it! Act on it!

ENJOY moving the world forward…after all…


Enjoy the shift!



The Cell Shifter

(and the couch, piano, food……)

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