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[BODcast Episode 30] Prenatal and Postnatal Tips to Staying Healthy with Sarah Schindler

​Sarah Schindler, creator of, uses the 360 approach of body, mind, and soul to assist mothers and mothers-to-be to find peace in the overwhelm! She'll share her personal experience, vast knowledge, stories from working with clients, and her top tools to help you find peace through pregnancy and beyond!
β˜… Get some nutrition & lifestyle tips for your pregnancy that can make birth and recovery easier!
β˜… Hear the importance of a birth plan: what it is and what it is not!
β˜… Discover how to maintain a sense of control when things don't go as expected.
β˜… Learn how important a postpartum care plan is, and how it affects the rest of your motherhood experience and relationships.
β˜… Discuss why nutrition and mental health AFTER giving birth are just as important as they are during your pregnancy!

Check out Sarah's course! This course takes any mother-to-be in the best direction ever! Join Sarah, Parenting Educator and Pre/Postnatal Consultant, on the BEST journey as she shares everything about pregnancy, blissful birth, the stages of labor, and (the most overlooked...) aftercare. Some of her 45 videos cover: nutrition for baby and mother, stress & mental health self-care, exercise, pregnancy prep, stages of labor, pain management, newborn procedures, mind body connection, newborns, postpartum care and body healing, the Afterglow, nurturing your mind and body, and MORE!
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