Prenatal & Postnatal
 Healthcare & Selfcare

Prenatal & Postnatal
 Healthcare & Selfcare

Pregnancy and Beyond - you'll learn about each stage of pregnancy and birth, topics that are often overlooked, and how to care for your baby's VIP ... YOU! 

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Some Key Topics:  

Different ways to support yourself during and after pregnancy

Nutrition and clean living during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Learn about the birth process: the stages of labor, pain management, medical terminology, birthing options, how to make a "birth plan", and how to adapt if things don't go as planned

How to take care of yourself physically and mentally after the baby is born, enhance relationships with other family members, and experience a smooth recovery

  • BONUS: Blissful Birth Workbook, Post Baby Bliss: Postpartum Care Plan, and Mama Meal Guide to give you ideas of nutritious foods to help feel your best!
  • BONUS eBook: In The Afterglow: A Guide To Heal Your Body During The Fourth Trimester

Sarah Schindler, HHC

Join Sarah Schindler, Cognitive Parenting Coach and Pre/Postnatal Consultant, as she shares an extensive series of lessons on pregnancy, a blissful birth, the stages of labor, and (the most overlooked!) postpartum care!

Sarah shares her personal experiences, vast knowledge, stories from working with clients, and her best tools to help you through pregnancy and beyond.


You are your baby's VIP

There are some topics that are overlooked, like the mental health of new mothers. 

Those topics are covered here because YOU feeling your very best should be a priority too.

Nutrition tips

Healthy snack ideas

Sleep & exercise

Stress & mental health

Your environment

Preparing for pregnancy

Nutrition during pregnancy

Stages of labor

Pain management


Newborn procedures

Mind-body connection

Unplanned scenarios

The Afterglow

What is Postpartum

Postpartum Body Healing

Emotional Balance

Creating Your Tribe

Nurturing Your Body & Mind

Your personal resource guide for the first weeks and beyond!

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