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Organ Renewal Gave Her A BABY! - RECIPE: Raw CACAO Sauce!

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Today is one really special day for a young 7 year old girl.

It’s her birthday.

A celebration the doctors said would never come.

A baby the doctors said could never be created.

A day we learned Organ Renewal Not Organ Removal can work.

Please read what my sweet friend shares about today….

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It’s me- Tepoe :D

Today is our youngest daughter’s birthday!  

We are especially ecstatic about this party because she is a walking miracle - a perfect human result of “Organ Renewal, not Organ Removal”.

I feel very blessed to have first heard Karen presenting live about 10 years ago.

The truths she taught resonated throughout my body.  She was teaching us not to remove our organs, but rather to renew them, to strengthen them.  I decided to adopt a strict plant-based diet in order to heal my Uterus, which had been plagued with Tumors, and declared clinically dead from a ‘new procedure’.

Bringing that vital organ back to life through diet and discipline opened up the way for another blessed child to enter our lives - our youngest daughter, who is 7 years old today!  

You can see a picture of our little girl on page 72 of LIVE with Outrageous Energy!

As Therapeutic Nutritional Counselors, we recommend and practice revitalization, growth, and healing. After our own family miracle, we know this practice works.  

Life is amazing! And so is the human body.


Rose (16) passed her drivers test yesterday…. celebration time!

I whipped up some fresh Coconut Ice Cream (pg 57 in Rawality) and two recipes for some delicious toppings for our chocolate lovers!

Chocolate Sauce:
1 ½ cups raw cacao powder
1 ¾ cup maple syrup
1-2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3TB coconut oil or coconut butter
Pinch salt

Blend and YUM!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Sauce:
Take some of your Chocolate Sauce (above) and blend with 3-4 TB fresh peanut butter!

If in college, this would be a fantastic internship! If we do say so ourselves.......

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