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MACA, Lilly, and ........"The Talk"

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(Post written in 2015)

This past weekend, Lilly (11) had “the talk.”

Thus, she has decided she will NEVER have children, and will simply adopt.  

As a young lady entering middle school, that’s a good mindset to keep for a long, long time.

As Lilly was sharing with the family her displeasure with the things she had learned, while at the same time we were enjoying a tiny bit of fun, Emily exclaimed “Didn’t mom tell you that your body makes cool things like hormones that make you want to do such things!?”

That set Lilly over the edge and she ran away down the hall…..(screaming something like “that is disgusting” all the way…)

Yes, those chemical messengers called hormones do tell your body what to do all day every day.  When those hormones are off, you can have an array of issues!  Being overweight is a huge issue, and most do not associate it with hormones.  Low libido, stunted growth, thyroid issues, not being able to fall asleep, diabetes, poor insulin manufacturing, the list goes on and on.  And while there are numerous hormone products you can take (most of which we do not recommend) there is one root that stands at the top of the hill in the full light as a natural hormones replacer…MACA.

If you have studied with us, you know my love for MACA.  As a matter of fact, there is so much evidence showing the benefits of MACA that the Chinese have crossed the borders and have been caught on tape buying up truckloads of not only Peru’s MACA, but the roots as well!   They offer more money to the MACA farmers than the government of Peru, and then off it goes, root and all to China. This is NOT a good thing.

When speaking to our distributor of pure PERU MACA (the only one we will ever sell) they shared that there are now blends of MACA that have fillers, and strands of MACA that are genetically modified.   And yes, they can say they are from Peru because, even though they were not honestly acquired, they are from Peru. 

Our MACA prices may be higher than some on line, but you will get what you pay for.  We have seen the price double twice in the last few months, and there is nothing we can do about that except appreciate true farmers supporting their families and realize we ARE WHAT WE EAT. 

As for our family, MACA is in our daily morning drinks and it is worth every penny. More on MACA in LIVE! Page 112. 

Think Lilly will appreciate MACA in ten years? Perhaps if boys start looking better than the drooling, fighting in line, stealing your place to sit, always picking the boys first in sports middle school boys!

We will give it a few years…..

Enjoy the week!



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