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GIVE! It's a Telomerase Thing!


When our children were young, they learned to give. 

They learned the great art of their favorite word (I may be exaggerating)…… sacrifice. 

If one of them was put on a “time out” for arguing or upsetting the home, the other children had the opportunity to “take” some of the “time out” time by sitting next to the one on the “time out” bench. The perhaps once-at-odds-child was now sacrificing their own time for the other. Sometimes it would take nudging for them to take some of the “time out”, other times the children would jump at the opportunity, just to get the sibling out of “time out” faster, so they could play!

If we had a serious argument or fight brewing between children, they needed to take their pick between the following: they could hold hands for 30 minutes OR read a children’s magazine for 30 minutes. The reading won out most of the time, as the thought of holding the enemies hand was a bit much! And by the end of 30 minutes reading uplifting positive literature, they were always always best friends once again.

Why? Why does giving our time or our attention to others, bring peace to us?

As the children grew older, they would roll their eyes at me when I even suggested they read a children’s magazine together, so we would have them serve in the community.  

I remember one particular day when one of our sons came home quite upset with someone at school, and then became upset with one of his siblings, and heck, then he was mad at the whole darn world, so I sent him to read books to the kids at our day care center.  

He left the home upset, and came back a very happy, refocused young man.

Whether it was raking leaves at the neighbors, baking cookies for the neighbors, being sent to visit the neighbors or sing songs to our elderly neighbor, all the service offered in our neighborhood brought peace to our family (and we really grew to adore and love our neighbors!)

The other day…….. I needed to take my own advice.

I was overwhelmed.  My adrenals had caught up with me, I was a bit tired, sad about things I had no control over, and just felt a bit down.  So, knowing what peace vitamin N brings (look it up in the vitamin chart in my book LIVE!)  I took a walk along a lakeside in Utah, and then decided I needed to serve others.

Heading out of a store with seven bouquets of flowers, I set on a quest to find people to give them too. 

It was fun to pray and be lead to those I felt lead to.  

At the end of the day, I had two bouquets left.  

I truly desired to find an older woman that would remind me of my grandmothers. I had the distinct visual impression to drive to a certain store in a city nearby.  

Twenty minutes later I arrived in front of a Kohl’s Department store and immediately an older woman walked out, leaning on her granddaughters arm. She looked so much like one of my grandmothers that I began to cry.

I stopped my car, and approached her with the bouquet.  She meekly took them and just stared in wonderment, and then she said the cutest thing ever! “I feel like I am at a wedding!”  

She was so thankful, and I was so much at peace. I left smiling ear to ear, and with many tears, as memories of my sweet grandmothers poured into my mind.

With one more bouquet to go, I drove up and down the streets of a nearby city, waiting for an impression.  And then it came. I passed a small home with gardens, and it reminded me of our gardens in Wisconsin.  Knowing the gardener was most likely impatiently waiting for the perennials and grasses to bloom, I felt I had arrived.  

Approaching the home, I rang the doorbell.  An older woman wearing an apron sprinkled with fresh flour from her baking came to the door.  The home smelt like heaven, and her heart warmed with appreciation for the flowers.  She asked me to come back anytime and a sit a while to talk about antiques, horses and gardening.  You bet I will return soon to that sweet home, and that lovely woman full of stories to share.

Giving is not for the receiver – it is for the giver.

It changes us.  It helps us see the bigger picture. It reminds us of how much we have to be thankful for, no matter what we have. 

I felt impressed to share this blog as I have been meeting with many youth lately.

Young men and women, some with their parents, some alone, who are feeling lost.  

They are sick, they feel sadness, depressed and lonely.  And, all of those in a depressed state no matter what their age, have shortened telomeres (Telomeres: imagine them as the plastic ends of shoelaces at the end of your chromosomes that keep your DNA from shortening as a result of stress, oxidation, acidosis, and other toxins including the low frequency of negative thoughts!)

Many children even as young as two are now on anti-depressants, and have these shortened telomerase.  And, although it seems I speak endlessly on depression these days, there is one cure all besides high frequency foods and telomerase lengthening minerals that has worked for centuries for sadness at any state – and it is the gift of giving.  

Try it.  Have your loved ones try it.  

Please help the children learn to give

Most of us have learned well how to receive…..we have cell phones and we receive instant messages from people all over the world, we have iPads, tablets and lap tops to receive instant videos games and book releases for us to enjoy, we have fast food to receive instant (although deadly) flavors that make us happy and we don’t need to work in the kitchen for it, we have clothing food and shelter, yet, so many are sad and many are suffering depression.

I’ve said it once and I will say it forever……Its’ a cell thing.

We are all electric, and when we “charge” another’s energy with the gift of giving those negative electrons (a good thing!), we become charged ourselves!  It’s a telomerase thing!  Our telomerase strengthen and lengthen as we serve.  We really do become the one receiving the blessings, sometimes even more than those we gift to!

I will go my grave with pretty rose colored glasses on.  My mother gave them to me, she actually put them on me the minute I was born. Although I didn’t use them all the time…especially in high school, they have now become permanently glued on! 

They allow me to see all the beauty in others without focusing on the negative, and therefore I believe in the future of our country and of our families with great security.  

A person CAN vibrate at a high frequency and alter and charge thousands around them.  As humans we CAN alter the frequency of those around us helping them vibrate at higher levels and we ourselves can step out of sadness or depression.  We are givers by nature.

BE the gift of giving to the world around YOU, and experience the greatest CHARGE of your life!

BE the CHARGE you wish to see in the world – it’s worth it to YOU, and everyone around you.

(yes, I just altered the great accredited to Gandhi quote…..)

Because….. you can CHARGE the world!!! 

LOVE from me to YOU!



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