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Gallbladders, Tonsils, and Breasts – Oh My

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I simply cannot count how many people I have spoken to over the last few weeks about their glands and ORGANS!

Kidneys, appendix, gallbladders, tonsils, prostates and breasts – my goodness me – all these great body parts are under attack! I would like to start with one very important point - All of your organs and glands have PURPOSE.

Is it in the water? The air? Some bizarre out-of-world frequency hitting us? There must be something causing people to believe the only way to “health” is by removing a vital organ or gland.

This is not new news…. Nope – removal of breasts has been going on since 500 AD (although it was for religious reasons more so than health), gallbladders have been popped out of folks for well over a hundred years now and heck, people have known for 3,000 years now that tonsils are not needed so what’s all the fuss?

THE EARTH IS NOT FLAT! I just had to let it out.

Yes, 3,000 years ago tonsils may have seemed quite useless, and that gallbladder a hundred years ago was just frill, and those darn breasts are not needed along with those silly lymph nodes (hold me down, I am being patient) so just cut them all out! And take the ridiculous appendix, too, while you are at it!

Please don’t be offended, I understand many of you have already had organs or glands removed, and some of you are currently considering this for yourself or your child. This short article is written to encourage you not to remove those vital organs or glands, but instead revive, cleanse, and keep them!

Try Organ Renewal - Not Organ Removal

What is it that provokes removal of the symptom (diseased organ) and not treatment of the cause? The simple lack of understanding detoxification by the “medical” profession (most – not all) is a huge reason so many people opt to pluck out their vital organs rather then cleanse and rebuild them.

Sadly, cleansing and nourishing organs is not something taught in American medical schools. Using nutrition (living foods) and grounding to eliminate inflammation and reduce acidic levels in the body is not taught in American medical schools. Using herbs to nourish, cleanse and rebuild delicate organ tissue is not taught in American medical schools. Using frequency to create harmonic resonance and atomically change the state of the body is not taught enough in American medical schools. And even correct mineral consumption from the only 100% bio available source (food) is not taught more than a couple hours in all 12 years of medical schooling! 

Is it any wonder that the vast number of medical “professionals” do not recommend alternative cleansing and restoration to organs? They simply do not know! We can not get upset!

This weeks new news – which is not so new by the way – of removing healthy organs to prevent cancer is downright troubling. Thousands of women scared to death by a Hollywood Actress’s decision are now rushing to have breasts removed. Men, following suite – are removing healthy prostates and all without being told some simple facts.

Some studies show over 50% (some estimates are as high as 67%) of prostate, breast and other cancer screening produce FALSE POSITIVES. Meaning – more than half of people told they have specific cancers – do not have the cancer at all.

And most importantly, genes need to be turned on.

Just because you have a gene for something does not mean you will get it. You have genes for hundreds, perhaps thousands of traits you will never express. Chances are you all will have cancer at some point in your lifetime, and most likely more than once, because your body under stress enters into a disease state, but you each have this great thing called the IMMUNE system!

It is keeping track and killing off those darn cancer and infectious cells as you read this article! The lymph nodes are part of this great system, and when some doctor calls for the removal of lymph nodes, my head shrieks with frustration! Lymph nodes CLEANSE and filter the body, which is exactly what is needed in a state of sickness.

We simply need to increase lymphatic drainage to help the body facilitate this process of cleansing! It really is that simple! All disease – all inflammation – all cancers – all infections are kept under control by your immune system – that is what it does!

As far as the cancer gene testing issue, please read up on the financial ties to BRCA1 gene testing. This patented money maker is also part of Obamacare’s "Affordable Care Act" making you the taxpayer, pay for BRCA1 genetic testing (currently $3,000 – $4,000 a test).

The Supreme Court just happens to have an open case on this – and is debating on weather the patent should be upheld. After all, is it correct to patent human genes?

You can read up on that more if you like, articles are everywhere on the internet. I am simply here to mention a few thoughts on organs, and I have a few more thoughts to share.

Antioxidant-rich super foods and super nutrients have all been shown effective in peer-reviewed research to fight cancer, inflammation and infection at the cell level.

These are all found in FOOD! Living healthy food!

Cancer – or the fear of cancer – may not be grounds for organ removal. It is grounds for awareness. Be aware that the environment in your body can cause cancer to grow or cause cancer to halt in its track. Just as the same cells can be placed in three different Petri dishes and each of them will grow into something different (bone, fat, and muscle) because the environment in each dish was different!

There are hundreds of ways to help cancer naturally. You simply MUST adjust the environment.

Gallbladder - Without your gallbladder, efficient digestion of dietary fats becomes practically null. The gallbladder releases bile which encourages fecal moment.  No gall bladder = constipation. You will also need to take bile salts or Ox bile as a nutritional supplement every time you eat your healthy fats or you will not be able to retain omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy oils.

Gall bladder removal surgery brings on the usual lifelong side effects of diarrhea, poor nervous system function, irritability, learning difficulties, heart disease, poor blood sugar control, weight gain, bloating and so forth.

Cleansing the gallbladder is easy to do – there are many cleanses available you can do at home. I would encourage you to attend our detoxing class to more fully understand how the body eliminates.

Tonsils - Tonsils reach their largest size in children between the ages of 4 and 7, and this is part of the great immune and lymphatic plan. During these years the young child is most susceptible to infections and toxins – so they need this protection! I absolutely could not pass up this quote from Dr. Tienes: “If Indian ink is rubbed into the gums, it promptly is absorbed and it reappears in the tonsils which eliminates it. If the bacilli of tuberculosis are inserted into the tonsils of healthy calves, they are not infected because the tonsils destroy the bacilli. It therefore follows that the tonsils are not portals of entry for tubercular infection, as had previously been assumed.

On the other hand, if the bacilli are allowed to enter the lungs of calves, the calves become tuberculous and the bacilli are found in the previously healthy tonsils. This indicates that the tonsils take part in eliminating and destroying the germs of disease.” - BY DR. ALFRED TIENES. The Year? - 1934!

There were a million or more sets of tonsils taken out every year when I was growing up. Unfortunately, there are still half that many removals happening today. Medical societies such as the Infectious Disease Society of America and the American Academy of Pediatrics have since concluded that removing tonsils, with or without the adenoids, does little or no good after all.

The long term health effects far outweigh the immediate concern. Children who have their tonsils out are at increased risk for becoming overweight, have decreased immune system capabilities (the tonsils are part of the immune system), and have a 44 percent increased risk for suffering a heart attack at a young age. 

Please educate yourselves before making decisions that will have life altering impacts on your life or the life of your child. Often times, children are not old enough to realize the impact of your decision on their lives. Whether it is vaccinations or organ removal – please study and educate before you decide.

May I end with two lines from a Walt Whitman Poem A Song of Myself:

Welcome is every organ and attribute of me, and of any man hearty and clean; Not an inch, nor a particle of an inch, is vile, and none shall be less familiar than the rest.

To your amazing organ health!


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