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FREE BOOK! Dr. Michelle's Guide To All-Natural Holistic Oral Health and Overall Health!

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Our great friend Dr. Michelle Jorgensen (DDS, FAGD,TNC) is giving away her AMAZING NEW book! Jump on this offer from the BEST holistic dentist I have ever known! Her book is sitting next to me as I won't want to put it down! 


Did you know...?
Nearly 80% of all illness is related to your teeth, gums, or mouth.

Many life-threatening diseases (Heart diseases, Cancer, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, High blood pressure) can be traced back to a root canal or a cavity filling you had last week, or several years ago.

Almost any condition that gets in the way of everyday life could be a result of your last dental procedure. 
What's The Problem? - Dentistry as we've understood it for decades focuses on treating the symptoms... (tooth pain, discomfort or sensitivity) ...and NEVER the real cause (Our eating habits, our internal lives and general body health). 
Sound crazy? It did to me as well. Then I found out my digestive issues, numbness in my arm, memory loss, and general depression all came from poisioning. Food Poisioning? No, mercury posioning, from fillings I'd been drilling out of my patients mouths for years. I never even considered the connection... and I'm a dentist, raised by a family of dentists!
Ever Since, I wanted to write the book no one else had. It was a book to help every person and family avoid the common dangers and misunderstandings behind traditional demtistry (and nutrition) and embrace a holistic approach to oral health. That's how Healthy Mouth, Healthy YOU! was born. 


This Book Will Change The Way You Look At Oral Care
Our Oral Health canot be separated from our overall health. Decades of research show it's all connected. Throughout these pages, I expose long-standing myths in Dentistry (and give you the truth of the matter before your next check-up), Like: 
  • Why "Holistic Dentistry" doesn't always mean what you think 
  •  How sugar isn't the only reason for cavities (and how an arbitrary decision made 80 years ago made us think that way) 
  •  Why we have the worst dental health in history (despite medical and technological advancements) 
  •  The crazy reason all " Silver fillings" are 50% Mercury- Even In The U.S.  
  •  How gut health and gum health are often the same thing
This Book Also Offers Practical Tips and Tricks You Can Use Right Now, Or At Your Next Dentist Appointment...
  •  The 10 questions you need to ask your family dentist - pg. 14-15
  •  A sea salt rinse is Nature’s mouthwash, HERE’S how to do it - pg. 33
  •  Butter and cod liver oils can heal cavities?? - pg. 48
  •  WIFI could be destroying your stomach acid (and messing with your metal fillings) - ch.5
  •  5 great alternatives to using floss - pg. 32
  •  Foods that actually strengthen your teeth pg. - ch. 5
And That's Just In The First 50 Pages!
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