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Detox Strategies with Karen, Amy, & Dennis (ft. HydraZorb) - Detoxing Heavy Metals

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HydraZorb founder Dennis Clements invites Karen & Amy of Holistic Health Educators to join him in sharing detoxification techniques that couldn't be more relevant to today's time. 

Together they discuss specific lifestyle habits and particular products that can be powerful aids in successful detoxification. 

To order the products mentioned in this video, visit Karen has stocked these products and is eager to promote this line as she uses most of Dennis's products on a daily basis and has benefited greatly from them. 

This 25 minute video covers: 

What are heavy metals? And how do they get inside the body?

Which metals hurt and which metals help? 

What is the ancient ash material that can pull heavy metals out of the body?

What is the recipe for Dennis's "miracle shot"?

What are the body's primary detox pathways and how can I keep them cleared? 

What should I have in mind when looking for filtered or purified water? 

What does CGS do? 

What is a step-by-step protocol you'd give someone looking to detox?

What hormones are affected by heavy metals? 

Does Dennis prefer powder or liquid zeolite, and why?

When is having a HIGH ppm level in water a good thing?

What do essential minerals do? 

What is delta 8?

Where do toxins come from, and how can I decrease my exposure? 

What foods help me naturally detoxify? 

Does sun exposure help or hurt the body during detoxification?

We hope this message brings you hope and excitement to do what is in your power to address heavy metals and toxicities from other sources. 

We believe in your intelligence, in the strength of your body, and in the empowering nature of awareness. 

To great health!

-Karen Urbanek, Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Author, and CEO of Holistic Health Educators

-Amy Sprouse, Physiology Instructor and Program Director at HHE, Holistic Health Coach

-Dennis Clements, Scientist and Founder of HydraZorb, Medicinal Hemp & Cannabis Expert, Water Filtration Specialist


Disclaimer: HHE nor its affiliates claim to diagnose, treat, or cure disease. This is not medical advice nor should it be treated as such. Do not delay in seeking the care or advice of your physician due to anything we have presented. The information provided in this video is for educational and entertainment purposes only. 

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