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Cody's Corner: BLUblox blue light blocking glasses review!

bluelight cody's corner

Hi Everyone! My name is Cody, and I am a student here at Holistic Health Educators. I am passionate about products that enhance and optimize our wellbeing. Today I am sharing about Blue light blocking glasses from Blublox. I have tried a variety of different blue light blocking glasses over the years and to date, Blublox are hands down my favorite.

They are more of an investment than some other brands, but they've got the quality and the research to warrant the cost. Wearing these glasses while you work at your computer or phone helps to "filter down blue light and eliminate glare which reduces digital eyestrain, headaches and stress levels, leaving your eyes and mind feeling refreshed." When I am diligent about wearing both my daytime and nighttime glasses, I find I can work longer without fatigue and I sleep more soundly.

Take some artificial light stress off your amazing body and give a pair of these glasses a try! 

With love, Cody 

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