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Brand Yourself! How To Find Your Sexy When You Don’t See It With Jenna Sourd

10 days to a sexier more joyful you

Some people have a glow to them. On talent shows and in Hollywood, judges call it the “X” factor or the “it” thing that simply can’t be defined. It just is.

Some come into it naturally, as though they are born with that “X” factor quality that makes it hard to look away, makes them shine and makes them a star at whatever they do.

Others, however, grow into it.

It’s called self-confidence.

It’s a place of knowing, a place of being completely and totally at ease with oneself.

And when you’re around someone who’s in that place, well, magic happens.

Jenna Soard is just such a woman.

She’s a redhead on fire with a message about being authentic and embracing what you have. She is unapologetic in her self-representation and because of that people flock to her in droves.

Jenna started her first graphic design business at 16 years of age when she designed all the t-shirts for the school clubs and activities. That “job” eventually lead her to per position as the Senior Design Editor for Nike.

How fabulous is that?

Now based out of San Diego, California, Jenna has traveled the world, taught in Japan, been a professor at University of Oregon and Forbes School of Business, and has dived fully into the world of entrepreneurship with her own business.

Part of her “it” factor comes from her unquestioning knowledge of who she is here to serve and in what way.

My biggest passion in life is helping entrepreneurs find their confidence through developing design, branding and course creation skills.

Knowing your purpose brings confidence.

Not having a purpose or direction, well that simply invites doubt, and where there is doubt confidence can not take root and grow.

Jenna readily admits to not always feeling fabulous, not always embracing her curves and at times falling into what she calls the “Imposter Syndrome” of looking at what others are doing and trying it on for size.

If you’re stuck in a rut of sweatpants and messy bun, this interview is for you.

If you’re looking to be more engaging at work so you stand out and can maybe get that promotion, this interview is for you.

Branding yourself is not just about business, it’s about how you are in life.

Jenna does an amazing job diving into this topic as she’s a master at branding herself and feels her biggest compliment was hearing “I have a crush on your brand.”



Well, it’s super easy to crush on this lady as she is love, love, lovable!

Press play on this fabulously fun interview and allow Jenna to show you why it’s important to embrace who you are, as you are, and be unapologetic about it.

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And how doing this will help you find the sexy that you already naturally have within!

One thing you can do, that Jenna did and she said changed her life, is read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo, a Japanese woman who lives by the philosophy that hanging onto things for the round reason keeps you from a life of joy.

Like those skinny jeans from 1980 that you’ll never wear again! (And shouldn’t judge yourself for not fitting into each time you see them in your closet, but do!)

If you want to learn more about Jenna’s fabulous work and take one or three of her free online courses, you can find her on her website You can also track her down on Facebook and see just how she presents herself there as well.

This redheaded firecracker is someone you want to know, plus she has a truly inventive reasoning of her new workspace, her commute and what she incorporated into her daily work life to make herself feel more sexy and thus more joyful.

Just look at that Joy! 


Side note:  Jenna’s location in the video is called WeWorks.

They are an international company bringing co-working solutions to cities across the globe for all types of solo-preneurs and even big businesses.

Jenna’s actually office space is about an arm’s span wide on either side of her, but with the glass windows and community feel, it’s much bigger… and we think pretty cool. Jenna just wrote a cool article about it on her blog.

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