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[BODcast Episode 13] Integrative Health [30 min video]

bodcast integrative health

The book Karen speaks about is available here:

From the Author

The main focus of this free document is to help YOU and those you love who are suffering with a form of Dysautonomia. For 4 ½ years as we traveled from doctor to doctor, both in the medical field and holistic field, and did every test and tried every modality of natural healing we could, not one person in our journey even mentioned Dysautonomia.

This document is not only for YOU it is for THEM!  Most doctors have no idea that the symptoms their clients are having could be part of this diagnosis.

Lilly's Story  On August 1st of 2015, our youngest daughter Lilly (12 years old at the time), became terribly nauseous on our road trip across the country. The next two weeks of our trip she spent in bed, at hospitals, and in immense pain. She had signs and symptoms of odd nervous system dysfunctions before we left, but we had no idea our journey would not end when we returned home. The journey to understanding her debilitating health issue took five years, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and is compiled into this document.

The emotional journey (in and out of the country!) we have taken is not recorded here, but well deserves another 14 pages. As her mother, I stand amazed at her strength and endurance.

She came close to death two times, the days she could not walk from the bedroom to the kitchen were unnumbered, and her pain was inconsolable and unstoppable.  She lost all but two friends, who both lived far away, as teenagers did not know how to react or respond to her illness. 

She could not attend much of school, school dances, sport activities or functions, and yet, she awoke every day determined. She journaled, studied, tried countless supplements for a wide variety of symptoms, had more tests run on her body that any person I have ever known, and today cannot wait to help other children persevere their health trials. 



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