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AO Body Scanner - Mind Blowing Biometric Technology In The Palm Of Your Hand 🤯

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AO Scanner

Are you ready for some blow your mind health assessment technology that fits in the palm of your hand?

This breakthrough in health care is changing lives every day worldwide, and now it can change your life in just minutes every day!

NOT KIDDING!  I’ve seen it over and over and over!


Discover what amino acids you may be missing, what vitamins or minerals you may be low in, and what hormones or neurotransmitters may be off in SECONDS.

Scan and treat your liver, your pancreas, any organ, gland, artery, nerve or vein in minutes!

The unit I’ve been using for years which costs $32,000 is now available for you to use in your own home for under $500!

I have seen miracle after miracle in our centers for over a decade. Using this is safe, noninvasive digital scanner has changed the lives of thousands of my clients, and now it can change the lives of millions in their own home! 


The handheld AO body scanner has the same ability to scan and identify specific frequencies within the cells and organs of the body as my large clinical system.  We have used the thousands of frequencies within the scanner to scan and stimulate the human cell creating balance, harmony, and HEALING.

You can use the scanner in the morning to create an amazing start to your day and use it at the end of the day for a fabulous night of sleep.

Not sleeping? Treat the pineal gland!

Not digesting? Stimulate the digestive system!

Have a terrible headache? Scan the arteries, veins, and nerves of the head and the brain as well as the muscles and the meninges to find out WHY!


You can complete a vital scan of the body in just a few minutes. Then, pick the areas of most concern and a do a quick comprehensive along with a few treatments and FEEL the frequency attunements! 

It does all of this in just a few minutes!!

The AO Scan Mobile is a visual aid in assessing body systems, tissue and organs using advanced technology developed over 20 years by INCREDIBLE people who want YOU in charge of your healing.

Using frequencies to scan the body with bone conducting headphones and the handheld device, you will be able to assess disruptions within systems and organs of the body at a cellular level. With a little detective work and the right resources (Karen’s amazing team, TNC’s, etc.) you will be able to assess where your body needs some TLC and see right were the imbalances are.

The incredibly detailed reports show the human anatomy like you have never seen it.  Reports showing measured bio frequencies in an easy to understand scale from 1 to 9 will help you know where to start your healing journey.


Your AO Scan Mobile Includes:

Vital Scan

Produces an easy to read 24 page report of the body

Comprehensive Scans

Scan in detail the organs, glands, systems, cells, and chromosomes of the body.

Inner Voice

Intuitive Electronic Voice Analyzer – Discover the emotions you may be feeling, the color therapy and musical notes that can help you balance.  This scan also generates four musical pieces for you to listen to that bring balance and peace.  AND IT WORKS!


Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter – This is the part of the system where you can use frequencies to help balance the body. Similar to a RIFE machine in your hand!

Imprint Items With FREQUENCY!

You now have the ability to imprint tablets, water and items with specific balancing and healing frequencies! 



The programmers are adding even more for us to use!

 This is an amazing time for you to use this for your own health, or the health of your family and friends.  You can also use this as a business opportunity, because YES, you can sell the units to medical professionals, computer brains, day care life savers, moms, dads, jet fighter programmers, college enthusiasts – it doesn’t matter!  We ALL need to know what is happening in our bodies and help knowing what to do to treat it!

If you are wanting to promote and sell these units to enhance your income, we have a team willing and ready to help you! 

We have weekly calls to explain the system, sales, and to help you evaluate what you find.

This is cutting edge, this is high tech, this is life changing….this is Energy Medicine.

This small electronic device gives you a beautiful inside look at your body and what it potentially needs for optimal balance.

Anyone who purchases an AO Scan Mobile through our organization will have access to videos showing how to use the unit, along with videos I have created explaining what sections of the scan can mean and what to do when you find something off balance!

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