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paying it forward, manifesting money

Here is my true-blue-happened-to-me story.
Hold on to your hats…….it’s a trip!

Earlier this year, Julia and I were in Vegas when a man approached us and asked for money.

I felt impressed to give him something, so I opened my wallet.  All I could find were $20-dollar bills, even though I knew I had smaller bills. After looking three or four times, I handed him a $20 and chalked it up to he needed $20.

When paying for our dinner immediately following this incident, all I could find were small bills!

A few days later someone was asking for help, so I gave them a $20.

Then another instance, raising money for a cat foundation, another $20.

Another instance, another $20.

Until I made it a habit to simply give away $20 bills.

And, I gave away a LOT of them…….

Then the magic started.


I needed to pay for something out of the ordinary.

When I went to count the cash I had been collecting from clients, I had over $1500 in $20 bills!

EVERYONE was paying me in $20 bills.


Hmmmmm, I thought if this works for $20’s…Then I’ll try $100’s.

I tucked a $100 bill in my wallert and within days I felt impressed to give it away.

That certainly wasn’t easy - as I know how much our family can do with $100, but I trusted my gut and gave it away.


Giving away $100 bills became easier and easier.

Actually, it is quite exciting, and even exhilarating!

Over the last months I have given away many 100 bills….

and.…many people pay me in $100 bills!



Now I ALWAYS have a $100 bill with me, so if I get an impression with who needs it,

I have it.

The $100 bill is never broken for anything. I pulled it out one week to use it towards some groceries as I did not have any other cash with me,  but I simply started at it, and put it back! Forget the groceries!


My secret to giving money away is this:  I believe and feel the bill in my wallet is not mine. It is for someone else.

Knowing and believing it is for someone else makes it MUCH easier to give away. I was just the receiver - and it's now my turn to pass it on - pay it forward.

If you get excited and feel inspired to try this yourself, please note that the hardest $5, $10, $20 or $100 to give away is the first one.

I find the biggest challenge or issue in giving is actually listening.

Listening with my heart – not my mind, as sometimes the inspiration that comes doesn't make logical sense. We do not know what others are going through BUT the universe and the Lord does!

I did not know any of the people I have given money to: a taxi driver at 2:45 AM, a lady bagging my groceries, people I have seen on the street, college students, fundraisers, waitresses, the man whose car wouldn’t start in the parking lot….. however, I just always KNEW.




What happened to our family when I started giving money away? Just what did my husband think?

It has been life changing. We have had enough money to easily pay our monthly bills, pay off old debt, help pay for two of our children’s weddings without stress and worry (Jenna in June, and Julia in October), repair our automobiles, get matching dish ware (exciting for us!), Roger was offered a wonderful new job, we added to our savings account, and we made purchases we’d been wanting to make for many years.  We do not use credit cards, (haven't in many years) so all extra became real extra! (We even paid for a trip to Taiwan in February! Watch for those exciting health videos coming then!)

Are we financially wealthy?  Not according to most, sorry all - no asking for a loan, – but we have what we need and can help others along the way.


We have found what we give away in $20 and $100 bills pales to what we receive.

There is actual science and reason behind why paying church tithes & offerings, donating to charity, paying it forward and helping others really works! It's a frequency thing! It is a universal LAW.  I'll cover that in the February 5th blog!

We all have heard that what you give you receive, right?

You give love - you receive love
You give judgement - you receive judgement.
You give grace - you receive grace.
You give mercy - you receive mercy.
You hold critical thoughts of others - others hold critical thoughts of you.
You forgive - you are forgiven.
You give money – you receive money.

“The Lord does not give you more to increase your standard of living,

the Lord gives you more to increase your standard of giving.”

So that's’ that.

My very personal experience now out in the open for all to know!  And please share it with others! 

This was certainly not shared in pride, and most of our children will learn of this story the same time you do - right now in this email!  This was shared in excitement for what each of you receiving this email can do for others if we all just carry a little extra dough in our pockets to play with - the real definition of PLAY DOUGH!



Paying it Forward - For LIFE!

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