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Become a Certified Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor

With gut health issues, nervous system disorders, and chronic diseases at an all time high, the need for natural solutions that WORK has never been greater!

The opportunities for success as a holistic healthcare professional are better than ever right now.

It's time to enhance your resume with a powerful certification.

Stand out from the crowd with this additional commitment to your education that signifies your dedication to the field.

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Become a Certified Holistic Health Coach 

If you are looking to deeply understand the human body, heal naturally, and make a large impact on the world, start right here!

There are no other certification programs that deliver the personal learning experience like our Certified Holistic Health Coach Program.

Each student receives individualized support, guidance, a lifelong connection to our community, and lifetime access to updates in the ever changing world of holistic health care.

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Remedies for Over 250 Health Concerns

Ask a question in our 24/7 Q&A Portal

An A-Z Holistic Encyclopedia of every part of the body; from the brain to the heart and lungs to the joints and muscles, taking you on an educational tour of your body from head to toe. Supported by the science of human physiology, all the body structures are made easy to understand. Both the anatomy and the physiology are visualized and explained with clear, engaging interviews and video lessons, and the astonishing facts and figures revealed will keep you hooked on your human body and its ability to thrive and heal!

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Take the Challenge

10 Steps Towards a Healthier YOU

Instead of trying to implement EVERY healthy habit you've ever heard of all at once (#overwhelming!), let us help you break this up into a step by step process. Entertaining and easy to follow, program is your one-stop for creating a healthier lifestyle for you and your family!

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Healthy Living Bundle

with Karen Armes

This program includes: The Systems of the Body with Dr. Essen, four days of video education on anatomy, physiology, and natural healing, the EMPOWERED series, Parenting and Tips, 20 Modalities of Healing, diet and nutrition handouts, full access to the Human Body Master Guide, and LIVE Q&A/Support group each month! 

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Core Functional Fitness: Foundational Fitness

with Hope Zvara  

Core functional fitness, understanding your foundation, functional movement mechanics, pelvic floor training, warrior exercises and foot work, tabletop and plank exercises, oblique exercises, and soooooo much more! This is a MUST HAVE understanding for anyone looking to tone and strengthen their body, improve their mobility, or to teach others! 

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Prenatal / Postnatal Healthcare & Selfcare

with Sarah Schindler 

Join Sarah Schindler, Parenting Educator and Pre/Postnatal Consultant, as she teaches about pregnancy, blissful birth, the stages of labor, and (the most overlooked!!) aftercare. She covers nutrition for baby and mother, stress & mental health self-care, exercise, pregnancy prep, stages of labor, pain management, newborn procedures, mind body connection, newborns, postpartum care, the Afterglow, nurturing your mind and body, and MORE! 

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Mastering Homeopathy!

with Dr. Neil Schultz

This course will teach you Homeopathy from the beginning steps to intermediate knowledge. It will also teach you several things not normally found in Homeopathy courses. It's also critical to understand how and why Homeopathy works. This course will give you the power to discuss Homeopathy completely and intelligently with ANYONE, as well as the basics needed to be a practitioner.

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Relationships and Communication Mastery Seminar!

with John and Narelle Cannan

Heal/ Improve/ Strengthen every relationship you have ever had in just ten hours! The 9 Agreements workshop will assist you in unraveling layers of protectiveness that are keeping you from the vibrant life you were born for. For couples - this means fully relating to your spouse, free of misunderstandings, expectations and disappointments. For singles - it means becoming open to a relationship vs. protective, disheartened, discouraged or afraid.  

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Resin Art Therapy

with Candie Herte

Candie is a professional artist and shares step by step instruction for creating stunning charcuterie boards, headboards, coasters, picture frames, lazy susans, tables, wall art, or cubbies for bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere you have an inset in a wall! This super fun class will leave you creating for life! PLUS, you will earn enough selling your work after a few days of fun to have an income doing something you love!

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How To Read Your Bloodwork

 with Dr. Essen 

Understand and navigate your lab reports!

Contains comprehensive downloads to track your results!

Learn what deficiency truly looks like as it manifests in your health. Discover what you can do to regain proper levels of essential nutrients and compounds to make that body work for YOU!

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Better Health


FREE! Enjoy an entertaining glimpse into the miracle of YOU! Your human cells have the ability to transform in petri dishes, at the bank, while enjoying a musical, playing soccer, skydiving and anywhere all because of CELL CONTEXT. Learn how cells work and how to live dis-ease free! 

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