Karen's 4-Hour Kitchen Transformation Class

Ready for a NEW YOU? Taste buds included? Karen shows how to create your own delicious spices, nut milks, healthy smoothies, delicious entrees, mouthwatering desserts and yum-yum juices as well as "cook" up a storm for your family and friends! over 100 kazillion tastebuds approved! 

Would you invite her over?

Well, you don't have to, because now you can hit play on 4 hours of never before seen footage of Karen, in her own kitchen, in front of a live audience, cooking, sharing, teaching and showing you all her secrets for feeding her SuperFood Family healthy, delicious foods.

Right now, you get access to Karen, for 4 solid hours of HOW TO videos you can reference for life, plus a PDF Introductory Guide, plus a Karen Recommends For Your Kitchen Booklet and plus, a few bonus clips you will love! 

How cool is that?

Jump on board now while the price is LOW LOW and you have access to these amazing bonuses. When Rawality sells out that bonus discount goes away!

Come on inside and join Karen in the kitchen today! She can't wait to play, create and cook with you!


  • Welcome: The "Only Meat" of The Program
  • Water: The Basics of Life Blood!
  • The Best Basics Ever: SPICE BLENDS! (& Access Your PDF Booklet)
  • Using the Blender for Juices, Drinks, Butters, Snacks and More!
  • Juicing
  • Blending 101
  • Easy Nut Butters
  • Protein Shakes & Pure Education
  • Making Healthy Fruit Roll Ups! Easy-Peasy!
  • Grain Free! It’s Breakfast Time!
  • Be Grain Free. Seeds & Delicious Buckwheat Cereal
  • Two Ways to Make the BEST Almond Milk!
  • Sprouts! The Highest Nutrient-Dense Food
  • Salad Dressings and Fats!
  • The Go-To Every-Time Almond MAYO
  • Easy Germination of Nuts & Seeds!
  • Making Herb Nut Cheese!
  • Making Raw Crackers
  • Kraut Made Safe and EASY!
  • Getting Down to Your Sauerkraut Roots
  • ZuZu’s Raw Marinara, A Dinner Delight!
  • Seven Layer and Quinoa Salads!
  • Perfect 7 Layer Salad in The Raw!
  • It’s a Hit, Quinoa Salad
  • Luscious RAW and Cooked Lasagna
  • Replace Sausage Forever!
  • Steak Ports (Portobello Mushrooms!)
  • Why You Don’t Want to Eat Boxed Gluten Free Foods
  • Milling Your Own Flours & Cornbread
  • The Only Reason You Bought This Program (OUR BROWNIES!)
  • What SUGAR Does Karen Use in Her Kitchen?
  • Karen’s FAMOUS Cheesy Popcorn
  • Raw Power-U Up Bars
  • Secret to Kale Chips
  • Chocolate Mousse & Magnesium
  • BANANA COOKIE BITES (any kid can make!)
  • Banana Ice Cream 
  • Chopping Coconuts and Coconut Ice Cream (Featuring Jenna)
  • A Tour of Karen’s Kitchen (Behind the Scenes)
  • Testimonials: What's It Like to Grow Up in Karen’s Kitchen?!
  • Ending Remarks and BONUSES from Karen!

 You got this!  The change in your kitchen can start today! Get ready for tasty recipes, quick tips and a ton of health information and it can start NOW!  Just click purchase and we will "see" you soon!