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The Got-Er-Done LIST!

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Today, New Year’s morning 2015, I laid in bed thinking of all the things that happened in 2014, and all the things I did not get to.  After many thoughts, I found myself focusing on the things that were NOT done rather than the things that had been done in 2014.  My blood heated up and started to race as I wanted to start my long list of “to-do’s”, and then I realized exactly what was happening – I was staring at the glass half empty.

How easy it is to fall into that rut!  But it happens to us all.  

I thought to myself, how many times do we make a Got-Er-Done list?  How many times do we look at what we HAVE accomplished, rather than all that is still on the to-do list!? Not enough!  So we are offering you an incentive….

Create a Got-er-Done list and keep one copy for you, and bring an un-signed copy (or mail it) to one of our locations and we will post it!  Let’s make a collage of all the things that we did as a community and as families to inspire others!  Some things may not seem important enough for the list – but they are!  Healing a relationship, making the honor roll, learning something new and applying it – these are great great things! 

Everyone who submits their Got-Er Done list will be entered to win one of three FREE EMPOWERED weekend certificates, or a Karen’s Energy gift certificate for $100.00.  Even if you have six family members make their own lists, they all may be entered! 

After realizing I was focusing on the to-do list, I rolled over and was wrapped up in Roger’s arms and we looked at the bright future.  It is always brighter when you have someone to share it with – family, friends or a fantastic work place.  

No matter what you decide to set as your goals for 2015 – the number one thing to do in my opinion is surround yourself with positive, honest, happy uplifting people who will love you unconditionally.  Those that are in your family, your friends and your workplace make the biggest difference in your life – chose those that will influence you with great care!  After all, sickness is not just inside of you, it is sitting next to you!

Now go make those Got-Er-Done lists and let’s celebrate all that was done in 2014!  And grab that cell phone, email list or face book friend list and start deleting those who have brought you down, and re-align with those who are building you up!  YOU ARE TERRIFIIC! You can have the best year ever in 2015! 

Go Get –Er-DONE!

And…..just for fun, if attending an EMPOWERED weekend or becoming a TNC is on your list!




Off making my list….


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