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Karen's top 20 Protocols for Depression/Sadness/Anxiety/Stress

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20 Protocols for Depression/Sadness/Anxiety/Stress

  1. Serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and acetylcholine all play major parts in our happiness or sadness. Balancing these neurotransmitters is the first thing to consider. Find a doctor or specialist who can do a neurotransmitter test for you.  There are also many tests online that can show where deficiencies lie and where your strengths are – what neurotransmitters drive you. This is a HUGE help in understanding brain chemistry.  I have worked with enough people who have struggled until these neurotransmitters are balanced. There are AMAZING herbs and natural remedies that balance well!
  2. As hard as it may seem to do, try writing in a gratitude journal. Write a few things a day you are grateful for. The sun felt warm, some good food you ate, someone who was kind to you this day. Studies show people who keep a gratitude journal live on the average 9 years longer than people who do not keep a one, and 52 physical actions in your body improve if you are keeping a gratitude journal!
  3. Something most do not know is that sadness and depression are most often rooted in Vitamin D deficiency. Enjoy UVB Rays from the sun as they make vitamin D in your skin between 10am-2pm. The more skin exposed the better. Start with 3 minutes a day, then 5, then 8 minutes until you are out 20-30 minutes a day. The sun is a great healer for depression. A fantastic book about this is Embrace the Sun. Are you dying in the dark? By Marc B. Sorenson and William B. Grant
  4. Try mindfulness/meditation. Use all your senses and as you close your eyes think “what do I see, what do I smell, what do I feel, what do I taste, what do I hear.” Literally just be still. Guided imagery is wonderful, and you can find many meditations, even ones specific for depression, online.
  5. Stay hydrated with water. 2 quarts by 2pm every day. Sounds simple but it works!
  6. Did you know sugar causes sadness? Check out the book "Sugar Blues" which explains how sugar causes depression and many other health issues.
  7. Cut way back on eating meat. Sorry, but its’ true. Research shows eating too much meat can make people angry, irritable, constipated, and a higher plant-based diet can improve mood and mental clarity.
  8. Exercise and try some Yoga. It is great for your mood, your chakras, and feels like an internal massage. Exercise in general releases endorphins...your feel-good neurotransmitter!
  9. Enjoy fermented foods like kombucha, kraut, kimchi, etc.. Probiotics improve brain function and mood. 
  1. Grounding outside by touching the earth is fantastic to do while soaking up sun rays (Vitamin D.) Not kidding! Go barefoot and a hug tree, walk on unfertilized grass, in a stream, or near a lake. Grounding reduces pain and loads of research sow it improves mood and wellness.
  2. Create a vision board or keep a vision journal of things you want to do or accomplish as your life moves forward. Keep it simple until you are ready for bigger things. Read it or look at it every day, especially before going to bed.
  3. Our body heals from 9 pm until 5 am. Sleeping earlier is best, so try to hit the pillow a bit earlier tonight!
  4. Serving others is a wonderful way of helping ourselves. Is there something you can do for someone else? The dishes? Vacuum? Back rub? Smile?
  5. Really try to control thoughts. Be aware of your first thought leads to a second thought, which leads to a third, and these connected thoughts can create sadness or healing.
  6. Laughing IS good medicine – and its free. Look for a good movie, show, or friends who uplift you through laughter.
  7. Create art. Art therapy is very beneficial as it moves your thinking to the right side of your brain.  Good things happen there!
  8. If you are religious, read through the book of Psalms.
  9. If you are a teenager, know that this will pass. Surprisingly, studies show 90% of teenagers will have experienced a depressive disorder before they are 18.
  10. My thoughts on healing emotionally are: A - Have more and show more  gratitude. B. - Admit when you are wrong, we are always improving and when we show humility our spirit improves. C.- Surround yourself with positive people and avoided negative energy and people. D - R&R - Relish and Remember the happy times!
  11. Read a great book on happiness such as: "The Happiness Advantage" by Shawn Anchor


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