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How to (Re)Invent Yourself! With Gena Horiatis

10 days to a sexier more joyful you

Sixty is sexy and don’t be afraid of it. Instead embrace it.

This is what our next interviewee in the 10 Days To A Sexier More Joyful You says in her interview, which is absolutely brilliant.

However, she didn’t always feel this way.

At age 54, she was fat, didn’t care how she looked, and while her kids loved and respected her, they were slightly embarrassed by her appearance. She took little pride in herself and was lost.

She had been John’s mom, Liz’s mom, Grace’s mom, Hannah’s mom and Nick’s wife...for over twenty years.

And there was such joy in that.

And a heavy burden too.

Who was she out of those roles?

She didn’t know. She didn’t know her own value. She didn’t see her own worth.

When she and her husband found themselves unable to pay for college tuition with two kids attending universities at once, and two more to follow suit, she knew she needed to contribute. But how?!

What can I do after decades at home?!

This is a question heard across the country, if not around the world, mostly by women who’ve stayed home, given up a piece of themselves, and of their identities, to raise the family and to run the home.

There is a joy in both, and also, a burden.

And then there’s that pressing question after eighteen to twenty years of putting everyone else first.

What worth do I have?

Well, our next guest had to answer this question and fast. There is nothing like a mother with her back against the wall!

Our next guest was seeking, searching and praying for an opportunity.

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10 Days To A Sexier More Joyful You!
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Gena Horiatis found her answers, (funny story on this inside!) and started down a path of real estate investing.

She said it was hard. It was scary. And it was exciting.

She suddenly had to use parts of her brain that had been dormant for years. So dormant, she forgot her ability to use her mind!

She remembered her love of writing and teaching.

She lost 35 pounds.

She started to take pride in her appearance again.

She began to make money.

She showed others and started to help people who needed an opportunity - much like she had.

She was able help financially support her children through college.

She got back her energy, her zest for life, her self-respect.

Her family’s respect.

In fact, Gena was able to retire her husband from his corporate career so that he could pursue his passion of acting full time.

She was no longer thinking that her life was “over” as the empty nest syndrome set in (at age 54) and her children moved on into their adult lives.

She dared to do something and the rewards have paid off in spades, as she’s so full of joy, and now able to help others who are seeking a way to re-INVENT themselves.

Want to see what Gena is up to and learn more about her?
Head over to her website now. She and her partner in real estate have created an online educational platform in, yep, real estate, to help people get into the game and out of the “what can I even do” slump! They have a starter course on Creating Profitable Deals and a book “A Time To Profit: Real Strategies From Two Real Women Cashing-In On Real Estate”.

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