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God Save the Gallbladders! Live Call Invite (1 min)


Hello Everyone! 

Join us tonight for a Live Call on Gallbladder Health!

Did you know your liver produces roughly 0.5 liters of bile a day? Where does that get stored? In the lovely gallbladder. This bile plays a significant role in the proper digestion of fats (which then plays a role in hormone and nervous system health), in triggering bowel movements, and in contributing to the magic that happens in the duodenum (first 10 inches of the small intestinal tract). 

You don't want to wait until an emergency strikes to be thinking about your gallbladder! Follow our tips to have a healthier gallbladder now, and know what to do in the cases of emergency! 

Call details: 

6:00 pm MT / 8:00 pm ET

Meeting ID: 883 4467 6733

Passcode: MonNitMad

Phone: +1 305 224 1968 US

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