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Flu Season Tips & Immune System Facts


In this replay, We (Karen & Amy) are more than excited to share with you the following: 

1) Anatomy & physiology facts about the immune system (eg - what is the difference between innate immune cells and adaptive immune cells? What are PAMPs and DAMPs? How is the immune system interconnected to the other body systems?)

2) How do antibodies really work in the body, and what's crucial to know about your lymph system?

3) What role does stress play in the body? (there are helpful and unhelpful forms of stress, by the way ☺️)

4) What are our family's top protocols for the flu? For coughs? For stomach aches? 

Grab your pen and paper!

THANK YOU for being a part of our mission at Holistic Health Educators, and we will see you SOON! 

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