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[BODcast Episode 18] The History of Holistic Health Educators!


All right. Hello, everyone, and welcome to today's Call. Different change of pace for today, as opposed to talking about our normal health topics or systems of the body or reproductive health, the nerve regeneration. Today, I get to share with you the story of holistic health educators, where we came from and where we're at now, and why we

want your help moving forward, the different capacities that you can be involved in with our organization. So today's actually going to involve a lot of pictures. So if you're listening to this, always feel free to go back and watch the live replay if you want to watch the pictures.

Otherwise, I'll be talking through the whole thing. I'm going to go ahead and start sharing my screen. And this is divided up into three parts of where we came from and Karen's story and then where we're at right now and where we're headed, just so you know.

So this should be a really fun time. So this is our current motto, educating and empowering parents, as well as educating, empowering leaders around the world. We do have students in these countries throughout the world. It's been so fun being able to hear from their areas of where they live, what they've done to heal.

But also, I think sometimes we get this attitude to an America that like we're the only country struggling with these issues. But that's not true at all. Like this is a a lot of the issues we're dealing with in this country we are experiencing around the world.

In fact, there are higher levels of diabetes in Asia and India than there is here in America, as well as varying levels of heart disease and lung disease throughout the world. So these issues are so relevant to all these different countries.

America is not the only one who's struggling with some exercise or nutrition. We've just developed really fast as a society, kind of outpaced ourselves when it came to adapting our physical health to our new it built environment. And so that's why it's such a relevant global conversation to be happening.

And we're really grateful to be online now. But I'm going to go way back to the start in 2008 in rural Wisconsin, when Karen got so annoyed with having to buy organic groceries for her family that she just opened up her own grocery store because that was more cost effective.

She first start getting into holistic health. I'm going to switch to this picture of her and our family. She first started getting a holistic health because she was pregnant with my oldest sister and she didn't want to have seizures during her pregnancy.

She had epilepsy growing up. And so she is nutrition to essentially resolve her epilepsy. And then as soon as you get into holistic health and you're like, wow, you can reverse diseases with her lifestyle, you just start getting more and more into it.

So she started, you know, bringing in homoeopathy and herbs and chiropractor's into our our family's culture. And eventually we were ordering all of our food from us, from a big Cissoko truck. So my truck would back up into our huge driveway and deliver all our groceries for two weeks, because otherwise we were paying eight hundred bucks a

week to feed our family at the local, you know, small organic shops. And so then we just started getting our neighbors on board. You know, starting a co-op is we want to order through us. And that eventually led to a grocery store.

And then from there, parents like, hey, this is awesome. We have this property, we can start teaching health classes. So she started teaching health classes and then we started renting out larger facilities at hotels and conference rooms and expo centers and started hosting these educational events.

So I'm going to show those pictures here. These are at various centers that we've owned, various centers that we've spoken at. And Karen's passion became teaching other people about holistic health care, about how they can take control of their bodies.

She knows how to write very enticing descriptions of her, what she'll be talking about in that hour. And so at Expo's, she would just pack the room. There'd be like standing room only because she feel like you can reverse disease from home and you can, you know, live with energy and never be sick again.

And that was her goal, is just to empower people with knowledge about how their body works so that they could take this knowledge home and help them self for the rest of their life. So one of her mottos is change the context of the human cell and you change the course of the human body.

And I'm positive any of you who have ever heard her speak have gotten the essence of her passion for helping understand how your cells work. Your cells are like little versions of yourself with their own little respiratory tract and then fed system, a digestive track in little skeletal system.

She really wants you connecting to your cells because she's seen how that has changed the life and course outcomes of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that have come in and heard her speak. Even one time she'll get an email years down the road.

And so that was that's where her passion I was in education. And so these are just various like physical locations we had. And then we moved out to Utah, opened up a location out there and kept teaching classes.

One thing she did for a while in Wisconsin was a tasting safari. So she really wanted she noticed that kids sometimes hadn't even tried healthy foods before. And so she's like, well, we should their parents don't even know what these kids look like.

They've never even had to call Rabie. How can they say they don't like vegetables of them? I don't know why colorable was the first thing that came to mind, because it's kind of out there. But she wanted kids to.

Try different health foods, so one thing she did was a tasting safari where we would go into like schools, like the the big auditoriums and elementary schools or at expo centers and have a tasting spa where kids would get this passport to help and try over a hundred different foods.

Now, if those of you who are concerned about allergies are like your blood pressure's through the roof right now, I totally understand that they had a sign they had to come into school that day with a list of what all their potential allergens were, but allow this kid to never even try these vegetables before.

And basic fruits and nuts and seeds. And they tried homicides and and nuts, seed butters and all that. And so it was just a fun experience. Karen has a lot of vision. So one thing I've been trying to do is just like keep us focused.

But this is one of the really fun side things that we did while we were in Wisconsin. So then we for those of you who have attended retreats, retreats are also another really uplifting, fulfilling environment where women would get together and practice yoga or learn how to cook healthy together or share stories with each other.

So those are also really special experiences, if you ever want to join us. But there came a point where you can only do so much in person. And so when twenty seventeen came around, that's when Karen's like, listen, we got to go online.

And I actually after the twenty twelve, I wasn't involved in my family's business for a while because I was off going to college and starting my own entrepreneurial stuff with my friends and traveling. And I took like an eight year break from working with my mom, actually.

And so twenty seventeen runs around. She starts putting the programs online. And the goal of that was to make it more accessible for people around the world so that other people could access this information and these programs. So I came in in twenty nineteen and we just had here.

And the first program we worked on besides the TNC was the human body master guide. So around twenty seventeen, we closed the Wisconsin locations, close the Utah locations, except for one educational center in southern Utah. And then we started the Human Body Master Guide, which is like an online encyclopedia of all these different health techniques.

So one thing Karen noticed is like you have people who are experts in all these different topics, like central oils and Chinese medicine, pharmaceuticals, chiropractic care, herbs, planthopper therapy, neurotransmitter bouncing myofascial release, massage therapy, nutrition, naturopathic doctors, autoimmune specialists, endocrinology, functional movement, all this emotional release, biofeedback, infectious diseases.

And it all matters. It all matters. And they all had solutions to everything. They were like licet. There's an essential oil for that. Or they'd be like, listen, there is a chiropractic adjustment for that, or like, listen, it's all your emotions.

So she was like, hmm, we should like really compile this information in one place. So originally she wrote this book called The A-Z Healing Guide, and then that was transformed into the online version of the human body master guide Zakarian.

I started road tripping in 2019. That's when I came on board. I came home from living in Taiwan. She's like, hey, I mean, do you want a job because this company would be interested in hiring you? And I was like, wow, I never, ever thought about coming back and working with you.

But this would be an amazing opportunity. So, you know, I was passionate about this topic. I was currently working in public, getting my degrees in public health and everything. So I was like, let's do it. So, Karen, I start road tripping around and doing these interviews with different specialists around America.

And I say, America, this was like three states. So we were not going coast to coast. We'd love to go coast to coast Wednesday, but we kept it in like Utah in the vicinity for the time being. And the point of this is we just want to capture their stories and their healing techniques.

We're like, oh, it's incredible how much like no ego exists among the people who are wanting to educate you in these programs. Like no one's here to sell their product. No one's here to impress you with their big words.

They just want you to know what your options are when it comes to treating conditions like in the top right, we have an infectious disease specialist, Ryan Brinkerhoff. Well, those of you who have heard Ryan speak live with us, I'm sure you can relate.

He is so down to earth and just wants you to know information. And so we'll be like, what do you do for reoccurring UTIs? And he's like, oh, a simple three step process for reoccurring UTII. You know, he'll talk about women who come in from around the country just to come see him because they've had 17 UTIs

and can never get rid of it. He does like a couple ozone implants, hyperbaric chamber and a few erbe, an herbal combination. And then, boom, they're UTIs are gone forever after that. And so I'm just really cool to hear what these solutions are so that you know, what your options are.

That's the goal is just like everyone's going to need something different. So at least you can hear what your options are. So that's even by master God. Let's see if this plays are not just what everyone we made the four hour drive successfully.

Look, the big little town of Moab, Utah. We're almost. We're coming for you, Dr. Drew. There you are, worth nine and a half hours anyway. So we just started traveling around and filming with these different people, and it was really fun.

And I want to show you two minutes of this clip. This was our first commercial we ever made for holistic art educators, for the human body master guide. Those of you who know me know I have like a secret love of dressing up and and acting.

And I've actually been collecting dress-Up clothes since I was like probably 12, because my dream is to have this huge dressup closet for my future kids one day, which is like dresses and things from around the world. So I got to play dress up for this.

And this is just the first two minutes of our very first commercial ever for the human body. That's your guide. Oh, one minute. Do you ever have health concerns or questions and you've considered feeling naturally, but you don't always know what to trust?

Have you found yourself pain and pain and pain just wanting to feel happy in your own skin or help a family member? How about when the doctor tells you the test results came back normal? But you know something's not right or you've been given a diagnosis and you feel there's something more you can do about it.

The problem is the health information that's free. You're not always sure you can trust me with specialist after specialist adds up. And a lot of times people don't know what all their options are. That's why we created the human body master course so we could bring the best solutions from multiple types of healing into one place.

It's like hearing from all these different professionals in the same room talking about your health condition. These practitioners and experts have been working with people like you for decades, and no one is selling a product from learning about your body to addressing topics like digestive issues, depression, acting.

And over two hundred and twenty five other health concerns. You can find answers immediately. My name is Karen. And having been in the health industry for 30 years now. I feel pretty darn confident there is an answer for everything, but I have not always felt that way.

Having seizures when I was young, raising children without this information while they had asthma, severe stomach pains, ear infections, even mosquito bites, and not knowing how to ease their pain. Having one of our children so sick, she could not walk from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Having spent tens of thousands of dollars visiting doctors all around our country and outside of our country, helplessly looking for answers, I had no know the pain of not having the answers we you are looking for. That is what motivated me to put together the human body master course for you, for my children and my grandchildren, so

that they can, with a click of a button, enter the system and find the answers that doctors and professionals around the world offer to over two hundred and twenty five and growing health issues. It is wonderful to know there are answers to your health concerns all around you.

You just don't know them yet. Please enjoy meeting with my dear friends. Health care practitioners, naturopath, chiropractics, gemologist herbalists, those 11 made and created essential oils. If you were going to love learning from them and these people are real, tangible people.

They are working with clients every single day. They have brought hope to hundreds of thousands of people. And combined, we are excited to not only bring you help, but to help you understand how the human body works so that you can take control and you can master your body.

The program contains three. OK, so that is the human body master guide. And you can tell. Karen has a lot of passion about this because she did go through an experience right around when we moved to southern Utah is when my little sister Lily developed a very severe, undiagnosed medical condition.

And Karen spent the next four years taking a huge step back from work, trying to help figure out what's wrong with her and any of you who have dealt with a child with chronic disease. Can empathize with that whole process of not feeling like you can move forward with your life until the life of your child has

some resolution. And so anyways, so that's was another fire. That was another log on the fire of her passion to organize something like this. And so that's where the human body master came from, in case any of you have access to this guidebook.

I want you to know, this is a vision of the human body master guide. We're still adding to it. And we would love to hear from you. Like, if you are a specialist in something and you know what herbs help someone or what techniques help someone or what what process to help someone overcome from inflammation or fibromyalgia

or their unique condition, like please collaborate with us, because the goal is to create this online encyclopedia for professionals and moms and people with the human body so that we can hear what other people have done successfully. And if you are a practicing professional, even better.

But we want to hear people's personal experiences as well. So that's what I'm saying is please reach out to us if you feel like you have something to contribute to this. And this also is just a growing online encyclopedia that's super cool to be a part of.

So thanks for letting me share with you about that. So that's where the human body master guide came from. So I'm just going to quickly touch on a couple of our programs and then wrap up with my my biggest passion related to this.

So we just kept developing after that point. Our teens did. Graduates wanted to know where to start with their client. So we created the ten step program. This 10 step program goes over like water and movement and nutrition, digestive health.

Breno breathing sounds. You know, it's not just the emotional health and detoxification. And of course, we encourage them approaches and whatever order you think is best for your clients and to be intuitive with how you work with them.

But these are amazing foundations of holistic health care. And these ones were filmed in like a little bit more of a casual style, like here's a bag behind the scenes before one of the videos started. They can have their own video cards, fat, protein.

Right. I think that's what we love in the protein and I ice. Anyway, I'm just being silly right now. But we had a blast, if you can tell, filming that series together, the 10 step program. And so the point of this program, too, is also just to deliver relevant information in a concise manner is like a a

couple of second clip, I think. OK. Welcome to the second, where are you going to? I was going to introduce you because you're going to hold me not I'm not entitled to neurolinguistic programing, but I might not like this programing expert, but I am a lot like Jenny where we like see Random House conferences and we just

like sign up for because we're so curious. So like I'll call Jenny sometimes. She's like, I'm in California. I'm like, what are you doing there? They're like, oh, it's a conference about how to reverse cancer, reducing nutrition. I'm like, OK, that's cool to have a good weekend.

I got to talk to you. Oh, sorry. I skipped out of that. But anyway, these videos we just go through like our favorite research on each of these subject matters and talk about what we've learned about them, what we've learned about detoxification and and the order of detoxing and brain health and neurolinguistic programing.

And Caren and Jenny have so much to say about digestive health and nutritional health in that section. They're both very, very passionate about nutrition. And so the point of this is for it to be like, you know, after class, when like the when the when the professor is given this like long hour long lecture, and then and

then you show up to class and you ask your friend, like, hey, what did you cover today? And they're like, OK, I'll show you. And they take you up the whiteboard and give you like the brief, like summarize like layperson description.

That's what these videos are meant to be. It's like after all the scientific stuff's been combed through, we're like, OK, cool. Here's like our biggest takeaways from this information. And so it is definitely a little bit more casual than some of our other lecture material here at Holistic Health Educators.

But that ends up being something that helps people find how it's relatable to them. So that's a ten step program. And then people use that tends to program and build upon that to get their holistic health coach certification.

So this is where you take that knowledge of holistic health and then you add on to it your like coaching techniques, understanding of how our mindset affects our behaviors, and understanding core identity and core belief systems and limiting belief system.

So many people are so angry with themselves. Oh, I should have included a video from Terry and maybe I can still pull it up at the end. But she has this awesome clip where she. So this is Coach Terry Garrison.

She has this awesome, awesome clip on addressing mindset, emotions and self talk with clients. Actually, if you register to download our curriculum, you'll automatically get sent her email with that video in it, because that's one of the best videos I've ever seen from a coach where she's talking about how I like.

We tend to talk to ourselves. Our inner psyche is like this basketball coach is just like always yelling at ourselves, like you need to do better. Like, come on, you're better than this one. You got to stick to your goals.

And like we just kind of like had this like negative energy towards our own minds. Sometimes instead of approaching ourselves with like compassion or understanding or or like productive talking or self talk is so much more than just like waking up and looking in the mirror and being like, awesome.

It's about how do you talk yourself through your failures and your low moments and your high moments like self dialog is happening 24/7 in our brains. So from a coaching standpoint, if you can influence the way someone talks to themself, everything else in their life will change.

So I'm just saying that because like way before trying to set goals with someone, I mean, you can set goals if you want. But what I've noticed, just being coached coaching is the biggest investment I've ever made in myself besides my education.

Like I really don't a lot of money into that because I wanted to know these things that they had to teach about mindset and health. And what I've realized is like you can set all the goals you want in the world and set up accountability, like I'm going to get up and make my bed and I'm going

to get up and I'm going to eat healthy and I'm going to start exercising five times a week, even though I'm exercising like one or zero times a week. Right now, you can have all these goals and accountability, but if you haven't addressed the core belief systems, it's going to be an uphill battle that whole time.

If you can go to their core belief systems about themselves, about whether or not they're worth spending time on their health, about whether or not they feel like they're someone who sticks to things and they're capable or they're not.

Whether or not they subconsciously fear judgment from other people for wanting to change, whether or not, like, whatever their subconscious deep down restrictions are, if you can address that boom behavior, change after that is secondary because, you know, it changes their internal core belief system and their behavior will now manifest it.

There's this one quote in a book called As a Man Thinketh and I love the section. He says, you know, we think that our thoughts are private. What they're actually not. Our thoughts are manifested by so many things in our life around us.

You can tell what someone's thinking about all day long or what or how they think by by what's being manifested in their life. And I thought that was so profound. So anyway, we talk a lot about mindset in the health coach program.

So that's like a huge catch up to where we are today and our top programs. Now, the part about where we're going, oh, you already know, we offer like we do like live zoom calls and in-person sessions. And those are super fun.

But the part about where we're going, this is the part we're up to this point. It's been like I've been like, yeah, mom, I'll help you make the programs. I think it's super meaningful. I think it's super cool.

And I always thought it was awesome. And I wanted to help my mom with her business. But there was a tipping point where this. Became extremely personal to me, and it was after. I'm so this is what I'm saying, OK.

I had the opportunity to attend standard education at two phenomenal universities, BYU, a phenomenal school at Johns Hopkins University, phenomenal school, both studying public health because I knew I wanted to do public health. From the time I even heard the word public health was I grew I've been doing since I was four.

OK, like my mom's been hosting Disease Prevention Summit since I was like six years old. So anyway, so I knew I wanted to be in public health. And so I was like so excited to get to school and learn how to do public health even more and learn how to like go into pop.

You know, I thought I was going to be a lot like how my mom was doing it. Will you go out into the community and you teach people how to reverse disease and you teach them how to feel empowered and teach them how their body works and teach them how foods affect their energy levels and their fertility

and all these other things. And so I started going through school and like I was like, wow, this like really good information. I was like, well, where's like the practical health information? You know, it's like this is like great information about systems and program planning and program evaluation and stuff.

But I was like, where's the where's the meat of like how to reverse disease and. It just became more and more apparent to me that the need for our country to like approach health from a more preventative and holistic standpoint comes way before just our practice of medicine.

It starts at education because. There, in my limited experience, was just not enough practical information being taught in these schools, and it only makes me emotional because I am really passionate about holistic health and empowering people. And it was really heartbreaking to see.

Just the absence of that information being taught in these settings, so it would be great to just keep moving forward and integrate these two. So that's where I got super excited. Here's my like, thoughtful picture of photo looking off into the deep valley.

But health care reform must involve health care, education reform, because we can't have all these graduating health care professionals who aren't being taught like the basics of human health, of preventative medicine, of of nutrition and health, education. And so that's where it got really personal for me is like I always want to do health care reform.

And I never thought that that would mean health care, education reform. But I am so happy to be here in this spot right now and be able to work in between these two worlds, bring them together. So anyway, so that's a little bit about about my story.

So where are we going? This is the part that we're so excited about. We have this awesome platform where we host these courses and we are slowly adjusting to this university style layout where you have your core courses and then your electives.

So these core Clore courses are things like the ten step program, holistic health coaching techniques and best practices, nutrition, digestive health and healing protocols. In the TNC program, you have one hundred and twenty modalities of healing from around the world TNC special topics, practical applications and human anatomy and physiology.

And then you have elective courses. So for those of you who are your students, you're like, I don't see this in my library. These are what we're launching this fall. So about half of these are already filmed. Some of them are already filmed and edited.

And we just need to press the publish button, other ones that are still being uploaded and formatted properly. But you'll have electives where you can specialize. So like how do you read your bloodwork better than your doctor? Prenatal and postnatal health care, the empowerment of sound courses and communication skills, trauma responses, relationships and emotional wellness.

Then we have like some spyglasses like resin art therapy and different forms of of therapies. Actually, that will just be specialty forces, cooking classes. These are examples. Yoga for pregnant mothers. Crystal cat body flow is a super fun course.

But we have people who are organizing courses for us on infectious diseases, Lyme disease, and, you know, underlying I should have included that this is going to be a very popular course. Our course on detoxing how to detox from mold toxicity, Lyme disease and Epstein Barr virus and parasites.

And so addressing underlying infections is going to be a specialty. Course will have one on diabetes. We have some people who are wanting to collaborate to create one on self-reliance and gardening and emergency preparedness. So this is where I am recruiting you guys, because we are really happy to provide the core courses about digestive health and nutrition

, healing protocols, human anatomy and physiology. And of course, you're always welcome to jump in on some of those two of you like. But these elective courses are also we're so excited about because, you know, you'll be able to learn from different professionals who already specialize in these different topics, from infectious diseases to mother preamps, post-natal health care

and all of that. So we're super excited about that. And we're on the path towards just eventually becoming an accredited independent school. We have where we are looking at like. We have some like really basic accreditations, but we're looking at the the different requirements for independent colleges versus just certificate grant being a certificate or a minor degree

granting institution. So anyway, just know like that's on our radar. That's that's what our long term goal is, is like we want to be an educational institution that can provide people with their pre doctorate degree or pre nursing degree or or if they just come through our school, they'll be ready to work with professionals by the time

they graduate. That's the whole point, is the technical college. And so anyway, so that's like our what's on the radar of what's coming. So for those of you who are not already one of my students, I just want to extend to you a really sincere invite to join forces with us right now.

We have like amazing deals just with, of course, bundling going on and amazing opportunities of how you can jump in and whether you just want to be a student or a contributor or a hybrid model of those to like just get in contact with us because, ah, we are running a really awesome enrollment deal right now.

And so please just go ahead and reach out to us if this is something that you want to learn more about and jump on board with this and. We'll definitely let you know, customizing in terms of customizing your package of what you want your core class will, because our set in stone, but what you want your electives

to be. So that's just a brief overview of where we're going. And yes, that is that. So I'm going to stop sharing this right now anyway. So I just want to give you the guys that detailed background with some photographs.

And thank you so much for joining me for this overview of holistic health educators and for those all of you in this field, I'm going to stay right now. This was like a highlight reel. You know, this is like 30 minutes of me being like, look at all these like classes and courses and look at the Expos

and the cooking shows. Like I did not include the pictures where we only had one person to show up to our classes. And I didn't include the pictures where, you know, we're like running a grocery store in the middle of rural Wisconsin where people have to drive twenty five minutes to pick up their organic kale.

I'm like. And the weeks that it's a good thing, we had 10 extra miles to eat up all the extra produce that was going bad, you know? There's a lot of pictures that I didn't include in here. This is like there are few fields that I think are as as rewarding as this one.

Definitely. But that's not meaning that it's easy, especially when you work in the private sector. We do not get any federal funding. That's not to say we wouldn't like the funding. So if you're a grant writer, please contact us.

We have a very promising case. But anyway, we're we're operating totally in the private sector, like people pay for this because they want to know how to feel better and they want to know how to prevent disease. And I'm sure you've been in this field and realize like sometimes it's hard to help people catch the vision of

that. It's like, hey, like you will feel like a different person a year from now, but you're going to have to make some investments right now. That part is not always easy. So just keep that in mind like I was.

I'm really happy to share this history with you. But it's Palmos. So many challenges. And the part that is the most inspiring to me is Karen's dedication to this field. I'm serious. You guys have never met someone who has more passion for a cause, and this woman has for helping people truly understand how their body works.

Like she passes me up. She totally passes me up because this woman is like Ben. She is stuck with it through it all. Who've been very inspired by others, though. There you go, round two. Not crying, but what was that?

Well, yeah, you won the bet now, but anyway. But I do I do hope that this provides you some inspiration for your personal health towards health care. And sometimes I feel like we're fighting against Goliath. You know, David and Goliath walking around as if we're up against a lot right now.

But there is always one thing we can spread in our community is and that's education. There's no way someone can't get more educated about how their body works and not want to be a part of making our system more integrative and more holistic.

There's no there's no way. So that's our initiative at holistic health educators is like the easiest way to like take a neutral stance in our communities instead of just sometimes I just want to be a fighter and a warrior and, you know, talk about like the system's right inside out, it's broken.

But I have to realize, like that's not the constructive energy that we are hoping to put into the world. Like we are hoping to meet these amazing, passionate health care workers where they're at. They came into this field because they wanted to help people heal.

There's no way we could be casting judgment on the whole system like that. So this is the time for us to like find when we share what we have in common. And that's that we want to help people get better and that's that we are passionate about about health care and about empowering people.

And if we can remember that neutral ground right down the shared space we have, I really think we'll see big changes happening in the future. So that's that's my message about about integrative medicine and where we're headed. So I'm going to go ahead and wrap this up.

But thank you so much for joining us live. And I hope to continue working with you for the next literally like 50 years or so. OK, thanks, everybody.


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