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Virility: A Man's Worst Nightmare

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Enjoy this replay that discusses improving men's sexual health and treating erectile dysfunction through natural methods like diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes as well as medical procedures. Key topics covered include hormone pathways, cardiovascular issues, performance anxiety, pornography addiction, acoustic wave therapy, and platelet injections.


00:08:23 Overview of Male Hormone Pathways

Outline of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis governing testosterone production, highlighting the suppressive effects of exogenous testosterone intake on natural hormonal balance.

00:13:07 Lifestyle Factors Affecting Male Sexual Health

Review of lifestyle contributors to erectile dysfunction like diet, EMF exposure, stress, statin/antidepressant drugs, poor sleep, and pornography addiction.

00:20:08 Natural Methods to Improve Male Virility

Discussion of natural approaches to boost male sexual function including diet changes, supplements, sauna, intermittent fasting, and nasal breathing to increase nitric oxide.

00:34:39 Advanced Medical Procedures for Erectile Dysfunction

Introduction of emerging medical therapies like platelet-rich plasma injections, acoustic wave therapy, and oxygen-ozone injections to treat erectile dysfunction.

00:30:29 Psychological Aspects of Male Sexual Issues

Considerations around performance anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and shifting focus to intimacy rather than dysfunction as a means of improving male sexual health.






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