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Human Body Master Guide

Your Body from A to Z! Your Ultimate Health Reference Video and Instant-Info Library! Find answers to health concerns from dozens of Doctors & Health Professionals who offer both classic treatments and the newest breakthroughs in medical and natural sciences. Enjoy Lifetime Access and FREE Weekly Q&A! 

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Holistic Health Coach Certification 

Covering the 10 pillars of Holistic Health, this timely certification provides both the education and tools modern coaches need to guide clients through a successful holistic lifestyle transformation. Join a webinar to learn more about the 10-Step Guide, business tools, and comprehensive education behind this course.

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Therapeutic Nutrition
Counselor Certification

No other program on the market is as comprehensive in making you a TRUE health expert! Covering 120+ healing modalities, diets from around the world, neuroscience, EMFs, nutritional protocols, and up-to-date breakthroughs, this education makes our graduates industry leaders as Therapeutic Nutritional Counselors.  

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(and entertaining!) monthly emails and download your free: "UNDERSTANDING pH: YOUR ROADMAP for LIFE" 

Complete with a beautiful chart, your free eBook explains how to incorporate alkaline and acidic foods for a healthy lifestyle. 

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