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Core Functional Fitness by Hope Zvara®

Strong Core Mastering the Plank 

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What's Included: 

  • Discover and Understand Why Your Core Health is Important.
  • Discover where your core is located and how pelvic and shoulder girdle stability ensures core health.
  • Understand why and how to train this area more effectively.

  • Embrace Functionality! Are you able to squat, bend, reach in a functional, safe and healthy way?

  • View the Core as layered. Use techniques like “co-contracting” and “bracing” the layers to increase the effectiveness of your back and full body health.

  • Find a healthy neutral alignment. Find alignment from the feet, pelvis, rib cage and head. 

  • Care for your foundation. Your feet are your foundation providing stability and mobility as well as providing direction. Gain control of your arches to gain better control of your pelvic core health.

  • Strive for stability over mobility. Through awareness, stability and thoughtful understanding of range of motion, you can improve your overall wellness.

  •  Find the asymmetry. Use the 2:1 Ratio Method. Increase the amount worked on the side of the body where dysfunction is present.

  • Use a combination of strength and stretch movements simultaneously.  

    Strong Core Mastering Plank 

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