Get Certified On-Site!

TNC Certification LIVE: September 13-16th at Lilly Fields Center (Georgia)

5 Minute Video Overview of TNC Program

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If you are looking for the BEST training in holistic health, this is it! This live week will feature guest speakers and will be one of the most informative events of your life - guaranteed!

For more information, please call or text us at 1(262)339-4024. 

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Housing can be arranged individually or through HHE for $50-100/night. Our retreat center is not built yet, so we set our attendees up at the Peach State Inn (a half mile up the road), or in one of our limited rooms on-site! 

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“We have two practitioners that are graduates of the TNC program. Their knowledge and understanding is phenomenal.  I’ve been practicing... for many years, and yet I have not been exposed to a lot of the techniques that Karen incorporates in this training. If you’re looking for something that incorporates many different techniques in an efficient manner, and provides you the information you need to improve your own health, the health of a loved one or as a healer, the health of a client or patient... I highly recommend the TNC program.”
- Doctor Evan Brady
"There truly are no words to express what the TNC program did for me in my life!! It took me on a journey where new ways of seeing the world, my health and my body were discovered!! It gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to truly help myself and others along the  path of healing!! When we give our bodies what they need from the inside out, our body becomes the true physician and healer!!  It all starts from the cells on out enjoy the journey!"
- Melissa Jackson LMT, RYT,TNC
"After suffering with different health issues for years I felt it was time to get educated on the functions of the body and provide the proper nutrition, digestive enzymes, and amino acids (and so much more) that supports my body's functions. I started as a TNC years ago and now I am a HHC. The education I receive from HHE is ongoing and has been so critical in helping me gain good health. Now I coach others on their path of holistic healing. Knowing how my body works and how to take care of it has given me a better quality of life. Thank you Karen and Amy for giving me my life back."
-Jeanette, Reiki Master, Utah, USA