Environmental Illness Support Group


Your safe place to discuss your illness

Once a Month Meetings

Our group will meet on the last Thursday of each month at 6pm (MT) to support each other in like-minded discussions.
You are not alone, at least not anymore!

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Once a month, we will meet to privately discuss areas that have been impacted in your lives from Environmental Illness.

Meet your host, Jenipher.

Jenipher Jasper is an Intuitive Wellness Guide and owner of Jenipher Wellness. She helps people who are overwhelmed and struggling achieve whole health and healing in a toxic world. Her passion comes from being a survivor of environmental illness and a dementia daughter. Jenipher is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Intuitive and Personal Trainer. She is currently in training for her Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor Certification. Jen has participated in many workshops around self-compassion and mindfulness and has a true passion for helping people on all levels of health - mentally, physically, and soulfully. She wants people to know that they're not alone and our bodies want us happy and healthy.

PS. This is a private group

On the last Thursday of every month, we will gather to discuss topics that are relevant to our recovery, care, and well-being.


You may arrive feeling isolated or alone, but you will leave with a new group of friends!

Because of Jenipher's first hand experience, she can schedule topics that relate to the struggles and obstacles of every day life that those who haven't experienced environmental illness don't necessarily have.

The Days of Feeling Alone Will Start to Become a Memory. 

It's hard to explain to those who haven't experienced environmental illness what's bothering you. You may not look sick....you may be "posing" all day long...loved ones may become frustrated. We get it. That's why we created this group.. 

Is this the place for you?

  • You feel alone and/or misunderstood
  • You question your symptoms and lack support
  • You want to connect with people that are or have experienced Environmental Illness
  • You have been diagnosed with Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Heavy metals, Parasites or many other co-infections
  • You believe something isn't right with your current health but don't have answers
  • You found mold at work or home
  • You have been bitten by a tick, scratched by a cat, had a bullseye rash
  • You have a loved one that is unwell and are trying to better understand their journey
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