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Is the TNC Right For You?

If you are looking to deeply understand the human body, heal naturally, and make a large impact on the world, start right here!

There is no competition, no program like the Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor Program offered anywhere else in the world.

Becoming a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor brings you into a community of hundreds of health professionals that have joined together to share the best of their knowledge and practices. Our graduates have unparalleled understanding of the best options available to their clients, and feel confidently rooted in an understanding of human biology and the science behind healing.    

This program has been offered since 2011 in-house and is now available online. We take pride in a 100% satisfaction rate - check out the testimonials below to hear why. 

What Do You Learn and Earn in TNC ONLINE?

  • An Understanding of How Cells Function, as well as Your Organs, Glands and That Amazing Body.
  • A Comprehensive View of Natural Health Including Over 120 Natural Modalities
  • Knowledge of How to Use Dozens of Diets from Around the World
  • Life Changing Information on Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF's)
  • And understanding of the importance of Water and the different types
  • Roots of Cancer and Dis-ease
  • Detoxification Methods
  • How/When to Use Supplements
  • Over 60 Classes with Handouts You Can Start Teaching and Using NOW to Help Your Family, Neighbors and Friends!
  • Handouts, Charts, Graphs, And Lists You Can Use in Your Home or Practice
  • Discounts & VIP ACCESS to Karen's Live Events
  • Master Class Training with Karen - 4 Days of Professional Video Footage of TNC Live
  • TNC Binder - The Materials You Need to Create Your Own Reference Guide with Over 300+ Pages of Charts, Graphs, Diagrams + More!
  • FREE Access to EMPOWERED ONLINE. Seven Hours of Jam Packed Health Video from Karen That Will Get You Excited and Pumped for More!
  • Access Now and Access to TNC Online for As Long as We Can Imagine.
  • BONUS: Each Year We Will Release More TNC Material, New Modalities, Updated Video Content and YOU Will Get It Completely Free.
  • You Become a Certified TNC! Letters After Your Name. You Will Have Earned It!  
  • Enjoy Special TNC Retreats Focused on Helping You Help Yourself and Clients!
  • An Entire TNC family!


The TNC program is Straight-forward. Fun. Mind Blowing.

STRAIGHT-FORWARD - One module a month is released with videos, required reading, a short essay and a quiz. 

FUN - We are firm believers that laughing is healthy and that learning should be FUN!  Enhancing our science-based health education does not equal dry lectures. The diversity of personalities and content in this program should keep you smiling. 

MIND BLOWING - We hear it everyday.  We actually never get sick of it!  As you grow from step one - understanding cells - through seven modules and the four days of classes, you will start blowing minds yourself with the information you share with those around you!

When Do I Get Access?  You gain immediate access to the Fast Track Bonus which is the FOUNDATION of this program.

Next up is Karen's Cell Talk, followed by Modules 1-7, released one at a time, once a month.  AWESOME.



There is no other certification anywhere on earth like TNC. You will be EMPOWERED to teach and help others, and you will be a leader in this ever-developing frontier: THE HUMAN BODY

Two years ago to this day, we almost lost our daughter.  

In December 2016, Lilly and I were in Mexico doing testing and treatments after an exhaustive 6 months of visiting many MANY mainstream and alternative doctors and hospitals in America.

She is alive because of one thing.

The TNC program.

As we traveled we found over and over again that what we knew saved us time, gave us far greater insight into Lilly's condition than most anyone could see, and gave us tools that kept Lilly alive.

There were medical doctors who told Lilly she knew things about the body that they never knew. She was so upset whenever she was told that, she cried saying they should know more than her after 40 years of working in this field.

She knew more because of the Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor program.

We knew what professionals to seek out because I have written a text book that is just shy of 800 pages loaded with information on 120 different healing modalities.

  • Acupuncture relieved the pain - we would go sometimes every day. Videos and charts are part of the TNC program.
  • Chiropractic was amazing - we reset bones. We used the chart we have in the TNC binder.
  • Massage and Fascia Work - kept organs where they needed to be. Hope Zvara wrote the book on this work, and taught us during the TNC program years ago, her teachings are in the TNC program.
  • Tapping - Lilly tapped for 30 minutes before surgery to keep her calm. She tapped sometimes each day, always bringing great relief. We have manyMANY teachings on Tapping and phrases in the TNC binder.
  • Herbs , Gemology, and Essential Oils were used everyday. We followed the charts I wrote and I have in the TNC binder.
  • Autogenic Training is what helped Lilly sleep - I wrote the scripts and they are in the TNC binder and part of our TNC program.
  • We also did Thermal Imaging, Blood Microscopy, Chromotherapy, Biagnal Beats, Tuning Forks, Tachyon Work, Thermal Therapy (often daily), Energy Work, Emotional Release, Holistic Dentistry, Blood Testing, Vitamin and Mineral Therapy - all which have charts in the TNC Binder. We had Ultrasounds, X-rays and MRI’s, and after such intense exposure to radiation we did
  • Radiation Clearing using methods taught in the TNC program.
  • We used and followed the SIBO diet, taught on video along with over 50 other diets in the TNC program. The details of the SIBO diet are written out in the TNC Binder in the diet section.
  • I Doused and did Muscle Testing daily - still do - for what she can eat, and her daily supplementation. I teach this during the TNC program - I have NO idea who anyone lives now knowing how to test! It always give you answers.!

The results?

Lilly went from 60 pounds, not able to walk across the room, not able to drive in a car from her severe nausea, to 102 pounds and brought home 3-1st place dance trophies this year.

She’s back to school, was in the High School Play, was just cast in Mama Mia the upcoming High School musical, has almost straight A’s, and is enjoying living as a “almost” normal teenager.

See, 2 years ago this Christmas, we sure did not know if she would be living. We had spent our last dime, literally, keeping her alive. I had stopped working in August 2016, and did not start again until January 2018. Full time care for her was needed.

So today, when I plead with mothers to become Therapeutic Nutritional Counselors, it is because I wrote this program for each and every one of you.


As mothers and fathers we are in the position to receive inspiration for our children and their health.

Every single TNC has thanked me over and over for the program, the binder, the videos, and all that they have learned.

Since 2011 people have been enrolling in the TNC program. Many graduates are nurses, moms, dads, doctors have taken and loved LOVED our program, 16-77 year olds have graduated, and they all learn one thing - the body is amazing and can reverse dis-ease.

I have no idea where Lilly would be without the knowledge we have. Each and every time we went to mainstream doctors, multiple pharmaceuticals were prescribed. That is where she would have been. They admitted they had no idea what was causing her issues, but they could help with the pain.

That is not where we wanted to go .

We needed to find and treat the cause.

We did try one pill at our lowest point and the side effects were terrible! Lilly, knowing her body, felt everything.

They went in the trash.

The TNC Course saved our daughter.

I use the binder, and allALL of the TNC’s use their binder to help their friends and families, and during each consultation or visit with clients.

What should you do?

Now is the time for YOU to invest in your future and the future health of your family.

The vibrant health for your family, the fitness for you, and the excitement knowing you can help anyone at some point, becomes almost exhilarating!

We as a staff are here for you, I am here for you, as you move forward in your future helping others.

Lilly and countless thousands of others have benefited from what is within the pages, videos, and books that are part of the Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor program.

Education that Transforms lives.

That is the TNC program.

Peace to you and your family this special season - where we celebrate life!

And I am most thankful for the one life saved by education.



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