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Advanced Holistic Health Coach Certification

The World's #1 Most Comprehensive Health Coaching Certification Available - Become an industry leader in integrative health consulting. 

Included in this course:

  • The Holistic Health 10 Step Program
  • Holistic Health Coaching Techniques 
  • Cellular Anatomy & Physiology
  • Holistic Psychology, Mindset, & Inner-Child Coaching
  • Advanced Nutrition, Metabolism, & Meal Planning
  • The Human Body Master Guide
  • Business-Building, Legalities, Marketing, and Authentic Business Practices 
  • Live Calls, Trainings & Workshops 
  • Access to a Private Circle Community

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What People Are Saying:

After suffering with different health issues for years I felt it was time to get educated on the functions of the body and provide the proper nutrition, digestive enzymes, and amino acids (and so much more) that supports my body's functions. I started as a TNC years ago and now I am a HHC. The education I receive from HHE is ongoing and has been so critical in helping me gain good health. Now I coach others on their path of holistic healing. Knowing how my body works and how to take care of it has given me a better quality of life. Thank you Karen and Amy for giving me my life back. -Jeanette, Reiki Master, Utah, USA

It's broadened my knowledge to the point where I can best help my clients. Being able to have the certifications… make(s) a big difference on people being able to take me seriously. You can have all the knowledge but if you don’t complete the training, people aren’t going to see the initials after your name or take you as serious. It gives you that level of knowledge and the credibility to be able to connect the dots so that when you have patients who have wonky things that don’t make sense, you can actually put it together.” -Kelsey, RN, IV Specialist, Iowa, USA

I am thrilled to have found your HHC program! The information I am getting about how bodies function is invaluable and empowering. The love that you have for the human body and the joy with which you teach care for it is infectious! I’m catching the bug and taking care of my own body is becoming something I do from love, rather than the chore it often has been in the past. Because of this, I am discovering a new level of intimacy with my body that is making behavior changes easier. Health truly is an inside job. -Amy, Gemologist, New Mexico, USA