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Enrollment is OPEN!
Learn on your time.

The health coach industry is growing exponentially, and there has never been a better time to jump in.

For less than the cost of a college class, you can leverage your health degree, enhance your resume, and open doors across the industry.

We'll also prepare you with proven health coaching techniques, client communication skills, increased confidence and a powerful certification to jump start your health coaching practice.


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Discover how dynamic the instructors and programming are at Holistic Health Educators, watch as Karen and Amy reveal what is inside the program and what is covered in your Holistic Health Coach Certification.

Enhance your degree or develop, build and expand your wellness practice with this comprehensive certification based on the 10 pillars of Holistic Health. 

We offer our students an experience that's not available anywhere else - 
real community, with real support, that delivers a real applicable education!

Enrollment is open - Start today!

Bring Your Passion to Your Clients as a Certified Holistic Health Coach

Develop, expand, and grow your coaching practice! We've taken the guess work out of building your Holistic Coaching Business with a comprehensive holistic health curriculum. 

Covering the 10 pillars of Holistic Health, this well-rounded certification is application-oriented and equipped with the tools you'll need to help clients through a successful health transformation.

Take Yourself & Clients Through a Holistic Transformation With These Educational Tools

We've coached 1000's of people, had 1000's of consultations, and continue to grow our business - and we want to share what we know with YOU!

Your Holistic Health Coach Certification Includes:

  • Comprehensive learn/apply holistic curriculum - the same curriculum will be available to you to customize and use on the job and with your clients!
  • Easy to follow life-improving assignments
  • A library of videos and forms for yourself and to share with your clients
  • Q&A live calls
  • Updated and continuing education - even after certification
  • A community of like minded people to support you - with an international reach. 
  • Business development support with vital information on effectively and legally coaching health clients
  • Freedom of speech protection 
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Start with yourself.

End helping others. 

As an HHC student, you'll first follow the 10 Steps Towards Holistic Health Program (based on the 10 Pillars of Holistic Health) to experience the teaching and learning process first hand. By graduation, you'll have the opportunity to develop your new skills by coaching incoming students.  

We believe that coaches and clients grow together - we help you develop the confidence you need to start sharing what you know with the world! Your voice and circumstances will help you reach people that are standing where you've stood before. 

Holistic certifications also compliment a health degree, leverage your resume and open doors across the health care industry.

Gain Credibility 

Certified coaches are more confident and have more credibility. Back up your passion for holistic health and educating others with a Professional Certification and show your clients your commitment to your educational growth as an educator.

10 Steps Towards Holistic Health 

Customizable curriculum built to first use to learn, then use to teach! Build your own coaching material off of an established, proven process, adding custom touches to your client's needs. 

Empower Yourself & Others

Develop your own knowledge to become confident in delivering it to others. Making healthy decisions shouldn't be about will power. Having the right education changes everything. The support continues during your personal journey towards certification and beyond - we value our community of educators!

Join an International Family

Certified Holistic Health Educators are found around the world! You'll learn how other countries use holistic health in daily practice, and gain exclusive information from the input of our worldwide community.

What to expect when you enroll:

  • Immediate access to your online learning platform 
  • Introduction to a support group
  • Entertaining and straightforward videos on anatomy & physiology, fitness, nutrition, brain health, how to alleviate digestive pain, frequencies & EMFs, communication, emotional release strategies, holistic healthcare, and health coaching strategies
  • 10 Lifestyle-related assignments, 10 quizzes, and 1 final reflection/graduation interview
  • Discounts on other HHE programs and events
  • A community of holistic health friends

Holistic Health Coach Certification Program: Pay In Full


1/2 the price of the average college course!

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Holistic Health Coach Certification Program: Monthly Payments

$400 x 6 pymts

1/2 the price of the average college course, in 2 payments!

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