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earth day

Our son stopped home in the wee hours Tuesday morning (yesterday) after his exams.

He slept for ten hours.

The weeks of finals he pulled 5 all-nighters. He had gotten a total of five hours of sleep in the previous three days as he wrapped up exams, moving, loading their family belongings into storage and driving 8 hours to our home.... SAY WHAT!?

He and his wife left at 7pm last night to drive another 9 hours to AZ, even stopping for a quick “see a friend” break in Vegas.  They had a tight schedule, and it was certainly taking it's toll.....

The ONE thing mom (me) talked about this trip was... SLEEP!

Did you know the ONLY time the body can heal is between sunset and 4-5 AM? And ONLY if you are sleeping!

If you are like my sweet son, and perhaps can not get to sleep, stay asleep or even think you need sleep - thisSLEEP AUDIO is for YOU! ENJOY!

Bonus Video -Getting the Bladder Back to Sleep! 

And for you worried mothers, they arrived safely in AZ at 6am after a short 1 hr power nap....I will send them both a link to my sleep audio..... :-)!  

Now.... if only those physics instructors could hand out homework a little more evenly BEFORE exam week!

Design Your Own Earth Day Everyday!

Tepoe recently asked if I could design my own Earth Day what would it include?

Then she offered these suggestions….

Early morning hiking & trash pickup
Kids sharing fresh fruit and raw granola at school
People planting seedlings  
Recycling bins popping up left and right
Nature walks for the littles and the biggies
Meditation and Gardening (instead of strict discipline and harsh consequences)
Tree hugging before evening yoga
Loving and Understanding weeds (plants in the wrong spot)
Produce sharing and CSA weekend pickups
Monthly safe hazardous waste disposal service for chemicals and unused medications

This may be a fun question to ask over your next dinner!

GLORIOUS MOTHER NATURE has so much to offer.

Enjoy EARTH DAY Sunday and EVERYDAY!

Have a FABULOUS Week and reach out to us if you need anything!