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Two Job Openings: PA/Communications Director & HHE Sales Team Leader

Hello HHE Community, 

As our reach and operations expand, we are looking to bring on more additions to our team! 

We have two job openings available:

1: Personal Assistant for Karen (ZuZu) + HHE Communications Director

2. HHE Sales Team Leader 

Both jobs can be either part time or full time - If interested, send your resume in an email with times you are available for an interview to Vanessa at [email protected].

Thank you in advance for your interest and we are excited to discuss this with you further!

JOB OPENING: PA/Communications Director

This person will be asked to:

  •       Schedule Podcasts/Interviews, including reaching out to other podcasters and setting up Karen and Amy to be a guest speaker
  •       Schedule interviews with Doctors/Professionals as Zuzu travels around the country
  •       Schedule/Manage events 
  •       Manage the Human Body Master Guide - upload videos, research, and manage Q&A
  •       Other Public Relations for ZuZu On Wheels and Holistic Health Educators

 If interested, please email your name and contact information to [email protected]

JOB OPENING: HHE Sales Team Leader 

HHE has been collecting unprecedented numbers of applications lately, and we need help reaching out to and on-boarding new students! 

This is a full-time position. If you are interested, please follow the instructions below and contact Vanessa. Thank you!


  • Is a current (or former) student at HHE (must be familiar with the programs)
  • Passionate about the concept of investing in yourself 
  • Experience in sales 
  • Experience coaching women
  • Understands marketing 
  • Very organized
  • Good with technology 
  • Can work full time
  • Able to relate to people in a compassionate and real way 
  • Capable of challenging people to elevate to the next level 


Bold, Direct, Personable, Organized, Ambitious, Self-Driven, Passionate about Holistic Health, Strong Ethics 


  • Reaches out to new program applicants in a timely/swift manner
  • Walks incoming students through the enrollment process
  • Re-engages former applicants
  • Keeps all spreadsheets and CRM platforms current
  • Contributes to nurturing email/texting/social media campaigns 
  • Works with current and former students to track their progress and discuss the next level of opportunity for them 
  • Manages future sales reps in the company 

Compensation: To be discussed on the interview call. 

The most important part is that you like staying organized, talking to people, and helping our organization accomplish our mission. 

IF INTERESTED - please email Vanessa a copy of your resume and a description of your interest in the position, along with your availability for when she can conduct an interview with you. 

Vanessa’s email: [email protected]

Thank you for your interest! We LOVE our students and community so we wanted to ask you first! 

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