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Tips and Tools AND a Muscle Testing Course Saturday June 22nd in WI?

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Our family is exited to be back in the beautiful Midwest this June! The June Retreat in WI Dells is filling up fast.  We are also wondering how many would be interested in attending a full day of classes June 22nd in Hartford WI? 

Proposed Schedule:

9am - 2pm TIPS AND TOOLS! Your Hands-on Interactive Natural Health Workshop! $99

3pm - 6pm Mastering Muscle Testing $79

Both Classes $149

Classes to be held at Coppertree Wellness Studio in Hartford WI

If interested please email [email protected] with WI JUNE 22 In the Subject line!


9 AM Welcome 

- Karen’s Morning Exercise: Body Tapping , Yoga - Sun Salutations, Vortex Spin, Thoracic Extension

-Unclog Lymph Nodes Quickly

-Foot Reflexology & Foot Balls

-Hand Reflexology / Face Reading / Tongue Reading / Iridology

-Color Therapy & Eyewear

-Emotional Freedom Technique In General and for Addiction

-Making Tinctures & Salves

-CoCo Allergy test

-Test with Ph Strips & do Candida Test

-Pelvic Floor Activation

-Road to Posture Evaluation

-Eliminate Sciatica Pain

-Eliminate Plantar Fasciitis and Creating Happy Feet!

-Monitoring Your Gate

-Align the Spine Fast

-VIT D Talk & Mushrooms

-Lower Your Body Temperature in Seconds

-Starving Cancer

-Trigger Point Massage Therapy

-Becoming one with the GEMSTONES and what they do 4U!

-ReWrite the MIND!


Master Muscle Testing!

You can find answers for yourself and your family using frequency!  Mastering muscle testing is something you can do to test those you love for deficiencies, for what supplements, food and products they may need.  Many forms of muscle testing will be shared, along with the how, why, and science behind energy fields within us all!  We LOVE teaching this empowering class!