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Limited Time Sale on Online Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor Certification

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As a mom, wife, best buddy, grandmother and daughter, I have used SO MUCH from the TNC (Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor) course, that I can’t imagine life without it!

Even TODAY in the hospital as we welcomed our 10th grandchild, Jenna's new baby girl…

I was relying on what I have learned and what I teach to the TNC's.

Knowledge makes ALL of the difference.

  • Knowing how the microbiome, bacteria, and enzymes work to create great health
  • Knowing what role different minerals and vitamins play in your body.
  • Understanding foods, how they digest, and what they do in the cells….
  • Using 120 different methods of natural healing to help anyone with just about anything…
  • Feeling confident in any doctors presence when talking about the body
  • Having a binder in my office with over 700 pages of graphs, charts, and how to’s I ALWAYS USE....
  • And involvement in a proactive and similar-minded community!

Check out our current sale online at to view our offer. 

WHY the Steal?

We are funding the creation of the Human Body Master Course (not as extensive as the TNC, and not a certification, but incredible content. YES you get a discount if you are a TNC).  We are working with numerous guest doctors and specialists, and therefore have much more work to do before it’s released this summer.   

Hope YOU are a lucky one!