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Foam Rolling: The Missing Tool in Your Health Toolbox?

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FOAM ROLLING: The Best Body Tool Ever!

June 28-29 UT - Discover how to have your chiropractic adjustments to hold longer and how to release build up tension throughout the body during this body-liberating and eye-opening 2-day workshop! Led by Hope Zvara, creator of the Roll This - Foam Roller & AcuBall Workbook,  you will learn detailed core integration exercises as you discover how fascia affects EVERY MOVE WE MAKE. Try valuable techniques to release the catsuit of your body, one roll at a time.   

You’ll Learn:

  • What fascia is, where it's found, and how it affects your whole body
  • Why your chiropractic adjustments might not be sticking
  • How to help release your tight tissues so your adjustments hold
  • How to become your own massage therapist
  • Why stretching might not be the answer
  • How it might not be your muscles fault you have an injury or restriction
  • The right foam roller to buy and how to use it
  • The proper way to roll
  • What acuBalls are and why Dr. Oz Dr. Oz considers them “an alternative health MUST-HAVE for back and neck pain!”
  • Why acuBalls are a necessary tool in every yoga studio, fitness center, and household
  • How to get rid of those aches and pains once and for all

Dr. Cohen’s heatable acuBalls are the ONLY heatable self-release tools on the market.

The acuBalls has been acknowledged at the Fascial Research of Congress as a must-have tool.



Friday, June 28th 10-3pm

Saturday, June 29th 10-3pm

Location: Karen's Education Center, New Harmony, Utah

Investment in your health & wellness:

$280 (Class, physical therapy grade foam roller, full color manual/book, invaluable information)

$250 (Class, no foam roller (must bring one yourself), full color manual/book, invaluable information)

(The above two prices include a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot and cover the cost of supplies being shipped out).

$100 Returning Roll Student Rate! If you have taken the class - come on back!

BONUS: Earn $25 credit towards hope products and online services with every referral (must mention you). Use that credit towards investment (new students only) or share that credit with a friend!

Register by:

>> Emailing Hope HERE

>> Call Hope: 262-627-0218 (if no answer, leave a text with the message: sign me up for foam roller, NAME

>> Online

Today’s educated health care consumer is looking for empowerment- not dependence! The practitioner that educates and inspires their students to learn to help themselves will earn the ethical respect and admiration of their client!

*Step by step guidance

*Hands on experience

*Dozens of exercises

*Self-heal our own body as you learn how to help others do the same!

This information NEEDS to be shared and WILL completely transform your life, and the lives of your families and clients!

I PROMISE you NO ONE is teaching what you will learn in this workshop!

It's time to take your health back one roll at a time!


Hope Zvara

Mindfulness, Movement & Lifestyle Expert

Nationally Recognized Speaker & Best-Selling Author

CEO of Mother Trucker Yoga (R)

Owner of Copper Tree Yoga Studio



Learning what Hope teaches is one of those things where you didn’t know what you were missing until you learned it, and after learning it, you can’t believe you never knew it. I didn’t realize how many areas of my health were affected by my fascia and certain muscle groups.

I find myself doing the little exercises she suggests throughout my day and week, and getting excited over my improvement.

I am greatly looking forward to this upcoming workshop because I’ve had pain in my feet lately and I know she will give me answers and a regimen to help it. 

Plus, I don't know if I laugh more or learn more around her.

Very uplifting personality and information. Her name fits her well!