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Many times people ask me the question, “Karen, what would you tell your child to do? Your parents or your spouse if they were dealing with this?”

I give them assurance that the following information is where I would start in any case of cancer, chronic dis-ease, MS, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, or Candida outbreak if it was me.   And I would recommend they have a copy of my book LIVE With Outrageous Energy: Thrive Without Fear Sickness or Disease close by! (Referred to in this article a LOT!)

The following article is my written reply.  It fits on a two sided sheet of paper just as is, so I needed to behave and stay on task and not run off with my words (which is far too easy for me, I love tangents and shiny things….) so there is little fluff and frosting so to say as you read! This article is attached to this email in PDF and may be handed out to friends, family or placed as handout in your store, office break room or clinic. It is a simple approach to look at the body and see what affects our cells and grows our “fruit!”

After all, when we are dealing with any of the above situations, we are dealing with a very toxic and acidic cell context, where it is hard to grow good fruit!  And guess what?  THAT CAN CHANGE!

Relating specifically to cancer and candida, the most crucial thing to understand is that they both feed on sugar.  Studies show there are 15 times the number of sugar receptor sites on cancerous cells as there are on healthy cells, and those hungry cancerous and candida cells CRAVE sugar to LIVE!  

So you crave it too!  Grains turn into sugar, so they are forbidden when healing the body.  All brown, white and artificial sugars are also not allowed.  A person must be willing to starve the cancer or candida from its main fuel source – sugar- and adapt a sugar free diet while rebuilding, or they may not be ready to commit and win any war going on inside their body.  

The sugar-free lifestyle applies to MS, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia and other chronic dis-ease as well. Grains are NOT what this Holistic Healthcare Practitioner ordered! 


If you are committed to rebuilding the tree of life inside the body, then let’s roll!  First though, please understand that the symptom, or the tumor, is NOT the enemy, the symptom or tumor is the fruit.  

The conditions of the body (the tree that grew the fruit,) is what we are rebuilding!  A tumor is the fruit your body created from the materials within.  If you cut the tumor out, the cancer is not gone!  It WILL come back as your body makes new “fruit!” A good tree does not bring forth bad fruit (sickness and dis-ease), and a bad tree does not create good fruit (a healthy balanced body.) And now, as caretakers of our own bodies, we need to humbly admit we need to change, and let the WORK begin! 


1.   The VERY first thing to do in anyone, is to get the cells communicating better, and they are electric.  Every atom on earth is electric, as electricity is the movement of electrons! How cool is that? So that being said,Your Entire Body Is Electric and WATER Conducts Electricity!  Suggestion: DRINK TWO QUARTS OF WATER BY NOON. Distilled water is best for cleansing and healing, add lemon to alkalize and shake (or stir it to vortex it.) More on water in LIVE Page 171. And, as you are electric, you must GROUND the Body so you don’t short circuit! People go for months without touching the ground or “grounding!” Touch the ground, be exposed to negative ions daily, use grounding products – just ground!More on free radicals and ions inLIVE Page 162.  Furthermore, as you are electric, the nervous system MUST be open and clear, so try the chiropractor! More in LIVE Page 286.

2.   As your body is electric, address the EMF’s all around you. Remove the Wi-Fi, or at least make sure it is turned off all night and at any time you are not using it.  We highly recommend going back to cable and Ethernet, we did in all five buildings we own/operate.  No Wi-Fi for our family, staff, or customers!  Find the Smart Meter and remove it or shield from it.  That is the most dangerous thing in/on your home. Call the electric company and ask them to remove it, but don’t be fooled, they may tell you it is a drive by, but THAT is a Smart Meter too.  Unless someone gets out of their car to read the numbers on the Smart Meter (measures electric and gas usage) then YOU are broadcasting to the world how much energy you are using via dangerous antennas.  This is hundreds of times more dangerous than the cell phone (which is very dangerous in and of itself.)  Turn the cellphone to airplane mode most of the time you have it near you.  Keep it away from all organs and glands of the body, including your thyroid, so don’t talk on it much and please do not put it in your bra or pants pocket!  Men – do you have any idea what that phone does to sperm count, sperm formation or libido?! Did I just say that? YES! Use with Caution! Use the speakerphone or texting, and limit the time exposed. Dangers of EMF’s, radar and pulsing technology are prevalent worldwide and have been studied and noted since before WW2.  NOTE: Baby monitors and the in-home cordless phones are VERY dangerous to our cells, even worse than some cell phones as they use antennas that are broadcasting even when not in use!  We use the HF35C meter to show people the dangerous frequencies these cordless phones and monitors broadcast. More on EMF in LIVE Page 151.

3.    You are what you eat!  The digestive system(Page 26 in LIVE), and the Circulatory system (Page 44 in LIVE)both work tirelessly to deliver whatever you eat, drink, put on your skin or breathe to every single cell in the body.  Food is everything to the cell!  Eat foods rich in minerals, high in pH, and alive! Vegetables become the mainstay of the healing diet with many of them uncooked.  Low sugar fruits may be eaten such as berries(Incredible for MS and Parkinson’s as they are the food of the nervous system), and green apples.  Enjoy seeds (chia, flax, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp, sesame, etc...) Learn more about pH inLIVE Page 87, and Use the pH chart inLIVE Page 91. Raise the body’s pH and just see what it can do to help your cells heal!

We recommend a healing diet completely free of dairy (Page 117 in LIVE),free of meat (only happily raised organic grass fed animals should be eaten) (Page 123 in LIVE)),free of all sugars and artificial sugar replacements, and of course, free of grain!Grains are found in pastas, breads, buns, pastries, crackers, cereals, etc. Avoid wheat, white flour, barley, spelt, oats, rice, kamut, etc.  The five “grains” that can be eaten in limited quantities are quinoa, millet, amaranth, buckwheat and wild rice. More on food in LIVE Page 108.

4.    Strengthen the Amazing Immune System!  The immune system IS the key to great health!  If the immune system was in tip top shape, you would not have cancer or ever get sick in the first place!  It’s the job of the immune system to fight off and ward off any and all disease.  You can use numerous methods to strengthen the immune system such as healthy foods, olive leaf, oregano oil, garlic, elderberry (a favorite), onions, Ashwgandha, and Karen’s VERY Favorite - medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, shiitake, manitake, turkey tail, chaga, Cordyceps, etc..  More on the amazing immune system in LIVE Page 64.More on medicinal mushrooms in LIVE Page 226.

5.   Attitude Is EVERYTHING When It Comes To Wellness!!  Living with joyful thoughts, kindness towards others, forgiveness, and gratitude for everything will help anyone as they heal.  Keep a gratitude journal and write three or more things you are grateful for each day. Find the good in others and share it with them, hang out with positive uplifting and energetic people.  Everyone gives off a frequency!  All thoughts are frequencies, all emotions are frequencies, and creating a space of higher frequency is necessary!  Change your thoughts, use a diffuser with essential oils, enjoy positive and uplifting music, bring flowers home, clean up your surroundings and you will “feel” the difference! More on frequencies inLIVE Page 151and the frequency/emotion chart is in LIVE Page 157.

If you have cancer, please refer to LIVE Page 205 to understand cancer staging, common treatments used in Western Medicine, as well as natural methods that have been used around the world with great success.  I can attest that I know and have seen many people rebuild and heal their bodies from different cancers, narcolepsy, colitis, IBS, heavy metals, vaccination damage, ADD/ADHD, depression, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), diabetes, MS, fibromyalgia, and more using the above techniques.  

So what would I suggest to my dearest friends or family?  ALL of the above!

Now go dig in and GROW YOUR NEW TREE!  

To Your OUTRAGEOUS Health!! 


Karen Urbanek

The tree digger….