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Join Hope Zvara creator of the Roll This Foam Roller & AcuBall Workook.

The most comprehensive book on the market!

Join Hope at our Education Center in Sunny Southern Utah and learn  core exercises that WILL change your life, guaranteed. Understand how fascia affects EVERY MOVE WE MAKE, and how it will keep our spine in line, muscles flexible, and bodies healthier.


  1. Learn the right way to roll fascia
  2. Dr. Cohen’s heatable acuBalls are the ONLY heatable self-release tools on the market!
  3. Hope takes you step by step through dozens of techniques to release the catsuit of your body
  4. Dr. Oz rated the acuBalls “an alternative health MUST-HAVE for back and neck pain!”
  5. The acuBalls has been acknowledged at the Fascial Research of Congress as a must have tool!

Today’s educated health care consumer is looking for empowerment- not dependence! The practitioner that educates and inspires their students to learn to help themselves will earn the ethical respect and admiration of their client.

*Step by Step Guidance

*Hands on Experience

*Dozens of Exercises You can Do RIGHT AWAY

*Self-heal our own body's as you learn how to help others do the same

Investment: $280 (includes a workbook and foam roller)

$250 (includes a workbook)

$125 (for returning students who already took the class)

Register TODAY

(Hope must have a deposit of $100 or full payment made due to having props shipped out)  Thank you for your commitment to your health and well-being


or call 262-627-0218