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[BODcast Episode 32] Mold Toxicity: Mold Awareness discussion with symptoms & treatments

bodcast environmental illness mold toxicity
We are talking with Wellness Guide and mold survivor, Jenipher Jasper, founder of Jenipher Wellness!
Learn about mold toxicity & where to look for hidden danger!
​✓ Symptoms & diagnosis
​✓ Treatment
​✓ How to keep you and your family safe
​As a mold survivor, Jenipher has first hand experience with toxic mold. You'll learn about her journey and the expertise she has developed along the way.
​A strong supporter and advocate for others experiencing the same journey, she also facilitates our monthly Environmental Illness Support Group.
Follow #moldymarch for more information during the month of March!
mold toxicity, environmental illness, lyme disease 
We'll have Jenipher on again on 3/10/22 as our Human Body Master Guide call guest! Be sure to join us at 11am MT. Sign up for the access link and a reminder here: Free Community Calls


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welcome to the podcast station where we
share exciting stories interesting facts

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lots of laughter and lots of hope as we talk about
caring for our human bodies in the 21st century

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great to have you with us

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hello everyone and welcome to today's
podcast today's topic is something that

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we are all actively working on spreading
awareness of as a lot of new research

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has been coming out at how many underlying
illnesses are actually misdiagnosed due to

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people not realizing they've had environmental
exposures to certain toxins and toxicants that

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end up affecting almost every system of the
body and mold is one of those topics and

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we have with us today someone who has studied
and dedicated years of her life to understanding

00:01:18,240 --> 00:01:24,560
not only mold and how to identify and where to
find it and what helps with helping your house

00:01:25,120 --> 00:01:31,040
you know breathe better and prevent the growth
of mold but also how to detox after mold toxicity

00:01:31,040 --> 00:01:36,400
how do you how do you help someone through their
recovery process if they've been exposed to mold

00:01:36,400 --> 00:01:42,480
and every person reacts to it differently
so it's not it is it does need to happen on a

00:01:42,480 --> 00:01:48,000
case-by-case basis every person's body is unique
and it actually you know interacts with your

00:01:48,000 --> 00:01:53,440
genetics and interacts with your metabolism and
and all sorts of things but today's call we will

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just be hearing from Jenipher Jenipher is
actually a member of our HHE staff and team

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we love working with her but today we get to hear
from something that she really is a true expert on

00:02:05,200 --> 00:02:11,040
and that is understanding mold toxicity and then
how do you help your body recover from something

00:02:11,040 --> 00:02:16,160
like that while you also go through improving
the state of your home in your environment

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so Jen I was thinking if first of all if it's
okay with you if you could share your story of

00:02:21,360 --> 00:02:26,080
how you even became aware of mold and what
mold toxicity is and then after that we'll

00:02:26,080 --> 00:02:31,760
start talking about the details of how to
identify it and some of the science about recovery

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absolutely thank you so much Amy I'm so happy
to be here spreading awareness about mold which

00:02:38,640 --> 00:02:44,320
has become a complete love project for me
because so many people do suffer from mold

00:02:44,320 --> 00:02:50,560
toxicity and a lot of people don't even know
so and that's kind of how I ended up here

00:02:51,600 --> 00:02:55,200
I’ll do the most recent part of my
journey and then just kind of do a brief

00:02:55,760 --> 00:03:02,400
childhood glimpse but basically I
started working in a building in 2014

00:03:03,680 --> 00:03:09,200
and about a year later I had switched and I had
started in a corner office working in a corner

00:03:09,200 --> 00:03:14,160
office and I didn't really think anything I
was finding myself that I was a little bit

00:03:14,160 --> 00:03:19,200
more tired and I was a little bit more irritable
but my job was extremely demanding at the time

00:03:19,200 --> 00:03:26,400
I was basically on call 24 7. I just had a lot
of pressures going on a lot of stress and I was

00:03:26,400 --> 00:03:34,160
one of those people that quite frankly I gave
gave and I worked a lot and over time I had

00:03:34,160 --> 00:03:41,040
known about this fibroid that I had growing and it
was small the doctors weren't worried about it but

00:03:41,040 --> 00:03:47,760
it actually like started to like grow rapidly
and I didn't think much of it unfortunately

00:03:47,760 --> 00:03:56,080
I was refused a work leave to have surgery so
that was also plain on my body so I was growing

00:03:56,080 --> 00:04:03,520
more tired I started having a lot of sinus
infections I was starting to experience brain fog

00:04:04,800 --> 00:04:11,680
and I had a lot of pelvic pain which grew into me
waking up in the morning and having like vertigo

00:04:11,680 --> 00:04:18,800
and having really sore feet really sore
joints hip pain so things that were just

00:04:20,000 --> 00:04:23,680
you know we unfortunately
think we're so programmed

00:04:23,680 --> 00:04:28,400
to call things normal but they're not because just
because they're common does not mean that they're

00:04:28,400 --> 00:04:35,200
normal and as these things slowly progress and I
share my story honestly and truly because there

00:04:35,200 --> 00:04:40,720
are so many people that experience more toxicity
just like this as much as we are all different

00:04:40,720 --> 00:04:45,760
we have different environments this is what
happens it's like this slow progression

00:04:47,440 --> 00:04:53,600
so I got to the point where I was constantly
exhausted and I was having really strong cravings

00:04:53,600 --> 00:04:59,360
and I was also a personal trainer for years
so I was used to being really active and my

00:04:59,360 --> 00:05:04,400
activity levels plummeted and it was even
harder for me to pass weights to my clients

00:05:05,440 --> 00:05:10,880
so I was working part-time as a personal trainer
working full-time as a senior project manager I

00:05:10,880 --> 00:05:17,920
was on call I was stressed out and I started
drinking but it wasn't it wasn't a drinking

00:05:17,920 --> 00:05:23,520
like it was more like to relax my body
because I felt like I was constantly fried

00:05:23,520 --> 00:05:29,040
and I was also craving it which looking back I
can give you an answer to that but it was only

00:05:29,040 --> 00:05:34,320
wine so I was craving carbs and I
was craving wine and I was gaining weight

00:05:34,320 --> 00:05:41,680
and I just had all these things compiling
and then 2017 it really started to

00:05:41,680 --> 00:05:47,360
affect me and we had gone away on vacation
and we had stayed in with a family in Georgia

00:05:48,400 --> 00:05:55,520
and I was starting to hallucinate like I was
experiencing depersonalization derealization

00:05:55,520 --> 00:06:01,280
I came home I didn't even remember being
away for that period of time I felt horrific

00:06:03,360 --> 00:06:09,760
and I was looking for answers I had been going
to doctors but it was all being chalked up

00:06:09,760 --> 00:06:16,480
to my fibroid and my stress so I was I was
believing those answers my blood work was

00:06:16,480 --> 00:06:22,960
coming back fine and I mean it was in the you know
the normal range for how they do their blood work

00:06:24,320 --> 00:06:28,880
and it was just it was one of those things where
I was like okay this is just not it's something

00:06:28,880 --> 00:06:35,040
more is going on and then that's when I actually
started experiencing neuropathy so things got

00:06:35,040 --> 00:06:41,440
really bad I was having word loss I was
starting to stutter I was speaking backwards

00:06:42,080 --> 00:06:49,760
I had a foot drop which is where you're walking
and your body actually acts like it's about to

00:06:49,760 --> 00:06:56,560
step onto a step but you don't right then I
was also having where I was dragging my

00:06:56,560 --> 00:07:03,760
toe it was just one thing after the next and
I ended up going on a medical leave I did

00:07:03,760 --> 00:07:10,400
see some specialists I unfortunately saw a lot of
psychologists psychiatric story not psychologists

00:07:10,400 --> 00:07:17,360
and then I was referred to an internal medicine
specialist I had my fibroid removed thinking

00:07:17,360 --> 00:07:23,840
that that was going to be the you know the magic
ticket so to speak and that wasn't that was not it

00:07:23,840 --> 00:07:31,600
I didn't even lose weight after having it was it
was a really large mass and yeah so it took me

00:07:32,400 --> 00:07:38,240
to finally be like all right I have to think out
of my box and my mom was a chiropractic assistant

00:07:38,240 --> 00:07:43,840
and I had been a personal trainer for years and I
knew how important diet was but I had never I

00:07:43,840 --> 00:07:49,520
had never gone to see like a naturopathic doctor
and at this point I was my mental health was

00:07:50,160 --> 00:07:55,920
so horrible that I was actually I had major
social anxiety I was not leaving my house

00:07:55,920 --> 00:08:02,000
and to be honestly to be honest I was
suicidal so I made this appointment

00:08:03,040 --> 00:08:08,000
I ended up being treated for adrenal fatigue
and candida overgrowth but it wasn't until

00:08:08,000 --> 00:08:15,440
we dove in and I got an organic acid test
done that I realized that I was mold sick and

00:08:16,160 --> 00:08:25,840
I was mold sick like off the range it was my body
on every level was no longer working so it was

00:08:27,360 --> 00:08:35,200
for me it was really empowering because
I finally had an answer and it's one of those

00:08:35,200 --> 00:08:41,760
situations where I do believe in tests
don't guess but unfortunately with a lot of

00:08:41,760 --> 00:08:48,480
environmental illnesses the tests that we have in
place don't necessarily always work so we have to

00:08:48,480 --> 00:08:57,600
be really cautious of that that's basically how
my journey started I jumped into a protocol that

00:08:57,600 --> 00:09:04,160
was very individual and I do I do have to
stress that I think that you know we all come

00:09:04,160 --> 00:09:09,520
from different environments but I will say and
we'll definitely get into this mold recovery

00:09:10,240 --> 00:09:19,600
is multi-layered it's not just one thing and
yeah we just started tackling it slowly but surely

00:09:20,880 --> 00:09:27,920
wow I'm really happy you walked us through the
symptoms of that and just how progressive it was

00:09:27,920 --> 00:09:36,240
because one thing that is so frustrating to people
is when they experience something like this where

00:09:36,240 --> 00:09:40,880
it really starts to affect everything
in their body their digestion gets worse

00:09:40,880 --> 00:09:48,560
bloating neuropathy and then the mental health
component of it and from like a reductionist

00:09:48,560 --> 00:09:54,800
standpoint you know in if we're looking at things
through a lens where like everything in your body

00:09:54,800 --> 00:09:59,520
is separated you know they you know some people
would be compelled to treat your mental health

00:09:59,520 --> 00:10:05,360
condition one way and then your digestive
disorder you know there's a prescription for that

00:10:05,360 --> 00:10:11,840
and then oh neuropathy oh could this be MS you
know and then like just to diagnose everything

00:10:11,840 --> 00:10:16,400
individually when it's really common when
Karen’s seeing people or if I'm dealing with

00:10:16,400 --> 00:10:23,120
someone and it is across the board reproductive
issues digestive pain extreme fatigue don't

00:10:23,120 --> 00:10:27,520
feel like themselves mental health we got to
look at what are these underlying things that

00:10:28,160 --> 00:10:33,680
really do affect the whole body and mold toxicity
is definitely one of them so I'm really happy walk

00:10:33,680 --> 00:10:38,240
us through that just from a physiological
perspective for anyone who's curious a

00:10:38,240 --> 00:10:46,880
big reason is because mold spores will cause the
alveoli in your lungs to restrict and they'll also

00:10:46,880 --> 00:10:53,520
damage oxygen delivery through your body and what
ends up happening is your mitochondria which are

00:10:53,520 --> 00:11:00,880
anyone who's taken biology the powerhouse of your
cells mitochondria need oxygen to work they do not

00:11:00,880 --> 00:11:06,400
work in the absence of oxygen and mitochondria are
responsible for like fueling your body so you have

00:11:06,400 --> 00:11:10,560
you have mitochondria in all of your cells in your
whole body that are responsible for fueling your

00:11:10,560 --> 00:11:16,640
body all of a sudden you cut off that fuel source
and systems of the body start shutting down it's

00:11:16,640 --> 00:11:21,120
it's one of the fastest ways to affect every
system of the body is to affect oxygen delivery

00:11:21,120 --> 00:11:25,280
and so anyway I'm really grateful you walked us
through all those steps do you want to touch on

00:11:25,280 --> 00:11:29,520
where your mold exposure came from because
now we have an idea of what symptoms can

00:11:29,520 --> 00:11:33,440
look like for someone and what a possibility
is for someone who's experiencing this type of

00:11:33,440 --> 00:11:37,920
fatigue you know you mentioned the organic
acids test but where do you feel like

00:11:37,920 --> 00:11:42,240
the root of your mold exposure came from and how
did you kind of pin that pinpoint that part down

00:11:43,440 --> 00:11:50,240
so and here's the thing in my circumstance
I when I got moved into that corner office

00:11:51,040 --> 00:11:56,400
I could smell mold and people would come into
my office and they would be like oh it's got

00:11:56,400 --> 00:12:01,520
you know yucky smell and I had I when I say corner
office it was literally you know the outside two

00:12:01,520 --> 00:12:06,480
corners meeting of this building and it was a big
beautiful building and I had a really nice window

00:12:07,120 --> 00:12:16,720
but I also had I had a latch door on the wall
where my desk was literally three feet from and

00:12:16,720 --> 00:12:27,360
that latch door went to the outside water main
for the outdoor sprinkler system and they would

00:12:27,360 --> 00:12:34,480
not let me open it up and look in it and I had
complained about this smell and I didn't I didn't

00:12:34,480 --> 00:12:40,240
know about mold I mean I knew what I knew about
mold but I didn't think anything like it would you

00:12:40,240 --> 00:12:44,800
know create all these issues and it wasn't visible
mold so it was kind of more of a musty smell

00:12:45,760 --> 00:12:51,920
and they decided one day when I wasn't at work
they had put a tea tree dish out which I can

00:12:51,920 --> 00:12:59,280
tell you right now is not reliable whatsoever and
they had also because I was complaining about it

00:12:59,280 --> 00:13:03,920
because there was a draft in the winter I live
in Ontario working on care our winters are cold

00:13:03,920 --> 00:13:09,840
and there was a draft coming in so when I wasn't
at work one day I was out on the road they stuffed

00:13:09,840 --> 00:13:15,360
the hole with like that bubble packaging stuff
you know stuff you can pop when you were a kid

00:13:15,360 --> 00:13:21,680
well we still do it but anyways they stuffed the
hole with that and they left a Petri dish oh and

00:13:21,680 --> 00:13:26,560
they never showed me the dish but they did tell me
that they sent it off and that there was no molds

00:13:27,360 --> 00:13:32,720
and I just I believed them and I didn't I didn't
think anything further of it and then when I had

00:13:32,720 --> 00:13:40,160
gone on my medical leave I was downstairs on the
main floor in my house and my husband called my

00:13:40,160 --> 00:13:47,440
name and I went upstairs and in our master our
master bedroom had it had been renovated before we

00:13:47,440 --> 00:13:53,280
had moved in so it was it was two rooms made into
one big room so we had two closets and the one

00:13:53,280 --> 00:14:01,760
closet again was an outdoor corner wall and he had
gone to look for something in his closet and his

00:14:01,760 --> 00:14:06,800
guitar case and this stuffed toy that he had in
there that I’ve given him for valentine's couple

00:14:06,800 --> 00:14:13,760
days prior a couple years prior and had mold on
it so I now realize that I was actually being

00:14:13,760 --> 00:14:22,560
double exposed which makes sense because my dog
at the time had also been diagnosed with lymphoma

00:14:23,120 --> 00:14:27,680
and there was just looking back there's just so
many pieces to the puzzle and one thing I will

00:14:27,680 --> 00:14:33,200
say it's funny that you mentioned the MS
because I did have MS symptoms and I did have

00:14:33,200 --> 00:14:38,320
dementia symptoms early onset dementia symptoms
and I know that firsthand because I'm a dementia

00:14:38,320 --> 00:14:43,840
daughter so I know what that is and I will
say when you're dealing with mental health

00:14:44,640 --> 00:14:49,600
a lot of times you are prescribed things
and I I'm a strong believer that there is

00:14:49,600 --> 00:14:54,320
is a place for medication of course there is
but I will say that when you're suffering from

00:14:54,880 --> 00:15:01,280
from mold toxicity you have so much fungus in
your body that most medications have a fungus base

00:15:02,000 --> 00:15:08,800
and medication I actually reacted horribly from
it didn't matter what it was and it would send my

00:15:08,800 --> 00:15:16,560
body over the edge and I would have ebv breakouts
I would have hive breakouts I would fever so

00:15:16,560 --> 00:15:21,600
I wasn't all these medications that I
was being given for my mental health

00:15:21,600 --> 00:15:29,680
weren't working either so it was really just a
cascade of things so and another thing when we had

00:15:29,680 --> 00:15:36,160
moved into the house the other problem that we had
seen was water damage underneath the kitchen sink

00:15:36,160 --> 00:15:42,560
we didn't think anything of it was dried up
but we did have a mouse issue which is another

00:15:43,360 --> 00:15:50,160
thing I will bring up is that mice tend to hang
out where there's moisture humidity and dampness

00:15:50,160 --> 00:15:55,680
so when you have a like a mouse issue
you there's chances of you having mold

00:15:57,440 --> 00:16:02,560
which I’ve learned obviously in the last two
years as well so it's all these little things

00:16:02,560 --> 00:16:09,280
that kind of come together and you don't realize
mold toxicity when I started researching mold

00:16:09,280 --> 00:16:18,880
three years ago they said that 50 of buildings
are mold contaminated and that half of those so 25

00:16:19,760 --> 00:16:26,320
are contaminated with toxic mold most recently
the numbers that came out now it's 70 percent

00:16:26,320 --> 00:16:34,880
of buildings are affected with mold like that's
astronomical and then you put in the fact that 25

00:16:34,880 --> 00:16:42,400
of the population has what's called an hladr
gene which makes you more susceptible to mold so

00:16:42,400 --> 00:16:47,840
it's this giant combination and it's a it's
an illness that can be really hard to believe

00:16:47,840 --> 00:16:53,600
because you can have four people living in the
house and one person could be you know quite ill

00:16:53,600 --> 00:16:57,920
one person could just have like allergies and
the other two people could be completely fine

00:16:58,720 --> 00:17:05,520
so it's very I don't want to say that it's
genetically based because the truth of the

00:17:05,520 --> 00:17:14,880
matter is mold is extremely toxic and I think
it's more based on your own personal rain

00:17:14,880 --> 00:17:21,040
barrel and I love using that terminology because
it's like this this toxic bucket so you have you

00:17:21,040 --> 00:17:27,280
have this barrel and when you keep filling it
with toxins it's going to get to the point where

00:17:27,280 --> 00:17:33,200
it overflows and that's exactly what happens
with mold is your body can only take so much

00:17:34,080 --> 00:17:43,840
and you had mentioned the mitochondria aspect of
that and mold is fat soluble so it leaches leeches

00:17:43,840 --> 00:17:52,240
on to your fat cells onto your mitochondria and
it's just it's a disaster yeah so we're going to get

00:17:52,240 --> 00:17:56,800
into solutions here in just a minute in case
anyone's feeling like super worried like what

00:17:56,800 --> 00:18:02,560
do we do now but just to reiterate I think the
statistics you shared are really relevant because

00:18:02,560 --> 00:18:06,880
before I knew much about it I really thought
mold was like really rare and so understanding

00:18:06,880 --> 00:18:11,840
that about half of homes have some kind of mold
and then a quarter of that is going to be

00:18:12,560 --> 00:18:17,440
or a quarter chordal foams will or buildings
I should say can have some form of toxic mold

00:18:17,440 --> 00:18:22,160
in it but then the other statistic just
to reiterate when she mentioned 25 of the

00:18:22,160 --> 00:18:28,480
population having this genetic polymorphism that
makes them extra susceptible to mold that I just

00:18:28,480 --> 00:18:35,440
have to reiterate that because we had a tnc whose
daughter moved into an apartment building that had

00:18:35,440 --> 00:18:40,880
toxic mold and she moved in with roommates
and she actually passed away within months

00:18:41,760 --> 00:18:46,400
because of how sensitive she was to the
issue and how much it just completely

00:18:46,400 --> 00:18:50,640
took down her body and I'm not saying that was
the only thing that was going on but if she

00:18:50,640 --> 00:18:56,480
was someone who had that genetic polymorphism and
moved into a super mold infested area if there was

00:18:56,480 --> 00:19:02,320
anything else going on in her body at that time
imagine the burden on your lymphatic system and

00:19:02,320 --> 00:19:08,320
on your immune system it's a big reason why
mold toxicity there's so many co-infections

00:19:08,320 --> 00:19:14,880
because like you mentioned like the mitochondria
aren't getting enough oxygen mold by nature

00:19:14,880 --> 00:19:20,480
decays things and so they call it like the great
destroyer like it breaks things down it's a big

00:19:20,480 --> 00:19:27,440
contributor to like fatigue and muscle
fatigue just because of what it does in to

00:19:27,440 --> 00:19:31,840
tissues and I do want to say not all mold is bad
so we're like talking about toxic mold right now

00:19:31,840 --> 00:19:35,040
they're actually interestingly enough are some
molds that are good for you and diversify your

00:19:35,040 --> 00:19:38,880
microbiome just like there's good bacteria
and good viruses and even some good parasites

00:19:38,880 --> 00:19:43,760
interestingly enough so there is such thing as
good mold you know like going out and walking in

00:19:43,760 --> 00:19:48,960
the forest and there's some decaying plant matter
you know from like decaying trees and things like

00:19:48,960 --> 00:19:53,120
that that's not the type of mold we're talking
about that is going to be bringing your health

00:19:53,120 --> 00:19:58,560
down some of some of you know natural exposure to
mold is part of our human experience it's part of

00:19:58,560 --> 00:20:03,040
the circle of life and going for walks in the
forest are a great way to diversify your body's

00:20:03,040 --> 00:20:08,560
microbiome but we're talking about what
Jen Jenipher said is like a lot of the issue

00:20:08,560 --> 00:20:14,880
with today's age is we're so energy efficient that
we are sealing up these homes we are just sealing

00:20:14,880 --> 00:20:20,560
them so it's just ac there's not our homes aren't
breathing like they used to there's not the same

00:20:20,560 --> 00:20:29,280
airflow and there's not the same neutralization
of moisture content and so that that that

00:20:29,280 --> 00:20:34,960
can be a huge contributing factor to it so we'll
delve in here in a minute just to solutions but

00:20:34,960 --> 00:20:39,040
I just appreciated those stats about
who's sensitive and who's not because you

00:20:39,040 --> 00:20:43,200
you could be fine but your sister could be really
affected by it or you could be affected and no

00:20:43,200 --> 00:20:47,520
one else in your family could be affected by it
and a big issue that happens with environmental

00:20:47,520 --> 00:20:54,480
illness toxicity is all the gas lighting
that happens from family and from

00:20:54,480 --> 00:20:58,320
at times medical professionals or people who
aren't trained in this is you come and you're

00:20:58,320 --> 00:21:02,080
you're describing what's going on and like you
said they just attribute it to stress they're

00:21:02,080 --> 00:21:06,800
like oh you're just stressed out you know it's
like this is not normal like everything in my

00:21:06,800 --> 00:21:12,160
body feels like it's breaking down like this is
not normal and so it can be totally life-changing

00:21:12,160 --> 00:21:17,440
to get someone on a good multi-step detox
protocol so of course the number one thing

00:21:17,440 --> 00:21:23,360
when it comes to solutions is like identify the
exposure and remediate if it's in your home

00:21:24,800 --> 00:21:31,520
if it's a there are some projects that you can
safely learn how to do yourself if you know

00:21:31,520 --> 00:21:35,920
the steps and you know the equipment to protect
yourself to remediate it there's also professional

00:21:35,920 --> 00:21:40,720
remediation companies my father does like mold
remediation in his work almost every week he's

00:21:40,720 --> 00:21:45,360
he does fire and water damage restoration so
like I grew up remediating homes that had mold

00:21:45,360 --> 00:21:50,960
damage so but we had the right equipment to be in
those environments the proper protection equipment

00:21:50,960 --> 00:21:56,720
with the with the masks and things to protect your
skin and so there's remediation projects you can

00:21:56,720 --> 00:22:02,320
do for your home but so the first part's going
to be eliminating the exposure or identifying the

00:22:02,320 --> 00:22:07,680
exposure and then the second part is going to
be actually detoxifying yourself and there are

00:22:07,680 --> 00:22:12,240
detox protocols that you can do under you
know with the help of a naturopathic doctor

00:22:12,240 --> 00:22:17,520
or with someone like a mold specialist that
can help detoxify and help get it out of

00:22:17,520 --> 00:22:22,880
your body in stages so you can eventually
reclaim some of your health so Jen what part of

00:22:22,880 --> 00:22:28,720
that do you want to start with some like identify
identification and remediation tips or some detox

00:22:28,720 --> 00:22:33,840
tips or where are you feeling right now I’m
really good with either I think I think the

00:22:33,840 --> 00:22:40,080
big thing is just you know and honestly that's
what I do with my with my coaching business I is I

00:22:40,080 --> 00:22:47,520
empower people and I show them the way to go
with that and it's it is very individual based

00:22:47,520 --> 00:22:52,480
only because sometimes remediation doesn't work
and that and you know that's another statistic

00:22:52,480 --> 00:22:57,120
I can throw out there that can be a pretty
scary statistic because depending on your

00:22:57,120 --> 00:23:02,640
genetics remediation just might not work for
you it's definitely something that I would

00:23:02,640 --> 00:23:08,080
suggest be done by a professional there are
things you know if you've got a little bit

00:23:08,080 --> 00:23:14,000
of mold build up in your shower or if you've
got it around the ring of your washing machine

00:23:14,000 --> 00:23:19,040
yes those are things that you can take care of
yourself but again if you have mold in the shower

00:23:19,760 --> 00:23:25,120
why is it there what is the source and then you've
got mold that's hidden you have mold that's behind

00:23:25,120 --> 00:23:32,320
walls a lot of remediation companies will tell you
that your bathroom fans are vented into the attic

00:23:32,320 --> 00:23:37,280
that they're not vented outside so you've got all
this moisture going up into your attic and you're

00:23:37,280 --> 00:23:43,440
basically just feeding your attic and then you've
got hvac units some hvac units actually

00:23:43,440 --> 00:23:49,120
leave the factory with mold inside of them
before they're even installed in your house

00:23:49,680 --> 00:23:57,440
though there's a lot of different things that you
can you can look into getting tested is extremely

00:23:57,440 --> 00:24:01,840
important when it comes to your house and getting
that done with an army test which actually just

00:24:01,840 --> 00:24:06,080
recently and I had to write this down because
I just I did another mold summit last week

00:24:06,720 --> 00:24:13,760
and they're now calling an army test a qpcr
so I have to dig a little bit more into that

00:24:13,760 --> 00:24:21,040
it's basically they're looking at your spore
count so you're going to take dust samples and

00:24:21,040 --> 00:24:24,080
you're going to send it off and they're going
to look at the spore count which is going to

00:24:24,080 --> 00:24:30,160
identify the types of mold that are in your in
your house and just how hazard is hazardous it is

00:24:30,800 --> 00:24:36,800
and that's extremely important because
quite frankly it's very difficult to heal a

00:24:36,800 --> 00:24:46,720
sick body when you're in a sick environment so
there's also the element of not just mold toxicity

00:24:46,720 --> 00:24:54,560
itself but what else do you have going on in your
life right so when you've got trauma or if you've

00:24:54,560 --> 00:24:59,920
got other things like Lyme disease there's
other factors and that goes back to that at

00:25:00,480 --> 00:25:06,560
rain barrel effect I was talking about heavy
metals parasites but we also have to remember

00:25:07,280 --> 00:25:13,840
that mold is actually like a breeding ground
for parasites parasites thrive off of it so

00:25:14,800 --> 00:25:19,520
there is a lot of different factors and
and Amy’s right like I have to reiterate

00:25:20,080 --> 00:25:24,480
it's not like there's over 300
000 different types of mold

00:25:24,480 --> 00:25:31,440
right like the majority of them are actually
really happy purposeful molds and fungus like they

00:25:31,440 --> 00:25:36,880
they want to live with you right like they're not
up against you right but then there's a handful

00:25:37,920 --> 00:25:44,240
that are not good and you can get into a lot
of detail about this and I and I'm grateful

00:25:44,240 --> 00:25:48,320
that I'm going to be doing the h an body master
guide call at the end of the month because we'll

00:25:48,320 --> 00:25:54,720
have more time to dive into this kind of stuff but
the reality of it is mold has been around forever

00:25:55,680 --> 00:26:02,000
but we are building houses differently and our
environment is different we have way more emf

00:26:02,000 --> 00:26:10,320
and mold expands off of emf it's 600 times more
active with emf so you've got really tight homes

00:26:10,320 --> 00:26:16,160
that aren't breathing properly more people are
prone to turn on the ac than they are to open up

00:26:16,160 --> 00:26:21,840
the windows and let fresh air in now we've got
building materials and I can tell you I live in

00:26:21,840 --> 00:26:27,680
a new build so I see it all the time this area is
still building up we have building materials that

00:26:27,680 --> 00:26:35,040
sit outside okay they're exposed to the elements
they get moldy and then your house gets built with

00:26:35,040 --> 00:26:40,320
them and then guess what the drywall goes up
and you don't know that you have moldy two by

00:26:40,320 --> 00:26:48,240
fours and moldy joists holding up your house like
it's gotten to the point where you know this is

00:26:48,240 --> 00:26:53,440
why we're doing what we're doing it's rampant
you know and it's so sad because we have these

00:26:53,440 --> 00:27:00,400
materials that mold thrives off of and then it
activates spores and these mycotoxins are released

00:27:00,400 --> 00:27:05,840
and you don't know you're breathing this stuff
until you start you know not feeling well

00:27:08,480 --> 00:27:13,840
yeah so this is why we're just so excited and feel
so passionate about raising awareness is because

00:27:14,400 --> 00:27:21,280
we can start influencing the way we ventilate
our houses and the way we build houses and

00:27:21,280 --> 00:27:26,480
buildings the way we look at that in the future
and how seriously we take this type of a topic

00:27:26,480 --> 00:27:30,720
these are things that we do have some control
over and it can feel like a really daunting task

00:27:30,720 --> 00:27:35,120
if you're like what if my home is moldy what
if like that can feel very daunting but

00:27:35,120 --> 00:27:42,160
please do know this is march 1st we have
dedicated the month of march to moldy march

00:27:42,160 --> 00:27:48,160
which is mold awareness month and so this is just
the first call we want to give you the support

00:27:48,160 --> 00:27:53,360
and the resources to know what to do for your
home what to do for your personal health tips

00:27:53,360 --> 00:27:59,120
and tools identifying symptoms and tests you can
take and especially like just provide you support

00:27:59,120 --> 00:28:04,800
and also the emotional support aspects so jenny
sorry Jenipher also runs an amazing environmental

00:28:04,800 --> 00:28:08,880
illness support group I was able to join you
for your first call ever and my heart was like

00:28:09,600 --> 00:28:14,880
holy cow was being like ripped out one minute and
then filled up the next hearing people's stories

00:28:14,880 --> 00:28:19,360
of what they went through how ostracized they were
by their family and their community member because

00:28:19,360 --> 00:28:26,000
no one believed them and then how long and it and
expensive the journey was for them to find the

00:28:26,000 --> 00:28:30,400
right treatment protocols that actually worked
for them absolutely and just how lonely that

00:28:30,400 --> 00:28:36,240
process was and so Jenipher started a support
group so that these people can just come on a

00:28:36,240 --> 00:28:40,400
call and be there for each other and some women
and some of the people are in really good places

00:28:40,400 --> 00:28:44,240
and they're able to give support and other women
there just have breakdowns and they're like you

00:28:44,240 --> 00:28:49,200
guys like I just need some support today and so
it's a really awesome space I'm really happy

00:28:49,200 --> 00:28:55,120
you provided that Jenipher so thank you for
that so just know this is we are kicking it off

00:28:55,120 --> 00:29:01,760
with the with this awareness campaign but
right in closing Jen would you mind just walking

00:29:01,760 --> 00:29:06,720
us through a few of the personal health side of
things and things that assist our body in managing

00:29:06,720 --> 00:29:14,320
mold as we're exposed to it absolutely so I think
the big thing is you really have to focus on

00:29:14,320 --> 00:29:21,600
your detox pathways being open so a lot of people
want to j p right into the protocol and they you

00:29:21,600 --> 00:29:26,320
know they obviously want to feel better I mean
I know I did as well but it's actually a slow

00:29:26,320 --> 00:29:33,200
and steady wins the race type scenario because
usually by the time that you're being diagnosed

00:29:33,200 --> 00:29:39,760
you do have a lot of symptoms at my worst I had
over 70 symptoms which sounds absolutely insane

00:29:39,760 --> 00:29:45,440
and it is when you see the list but it's one of
those things where you just kind of have to trust

00:29:46,160 --> 00:29:51,280
and you have to practice a lot of self-compassion
which is something that I'm a huge proponent of

00:29:51,280 --> 00:29:57,600
like I can't even tell you how much I swear by
self-compassion but opening those detox pathways

00:29:57,600 --> 00:30:03,600
so making sure that you're going well going to
the washroom I will tell you that incontinence and

00:30:03,600 --> 00:30:10,000
constant urination is a sign of mold as well same
with bedwetting with children so usually going pee

00:30:10,000 --> 00:30:15,440
is not an issue with mold keeping hydrated is
you want to make sure that you've got you're

00:30:15,440 --> 00:30:19,920
having proper bowel movements that you're going
at least once or twice a day and the big kicker

00:30:20,880 --> 00:30:26,960
is sweating and as a personal trainer I should
have recognized this and I you know I kick myself

00:30:26,960 --> 00:30:33,600
but I stopped sweating I couldn't sweat I sat
in a sauna I went when I like I told you I was

00:30:33,600 --> 00:30:38,800
in Georgia at family and we sat and it was a
four person sauna and my husband and I are in

00:30:38,800 --> 00:30:45,760
with his aunt and uncle these people are sweating
buckets and my upper lip was dewy that was it so

00:30:46,400 --> 00:30:52,720
it just goes to show what mold can do so open
your detox pathways and then you want to make sure

00:30:52,720 --> 00:30:57,760
that you're supporting your organs and you're
supporting your mitochondria so you want to

00:30:57,760 --> 00:31:03,520
be adding minerals into what you're taking in you
want to be adding magnesium you want to be adding

00:31:03,520 --> 00:31:08,000
all those things for support and then you really
want to support your liver because that poor guy

00:31:08,000 --> 00:31:13,360
has been really trying to keep you alive so you
want to do things like milk thistle and such

00:31:14,240 --> 00:31:20,480
and then once you're in a good place when
your detox pathways are open and you have

00:31:20,480 --> 00:31:28,080
been supporting your mitochondria and your
organs and your diet is on point I mean you know

00:31:28,080 --> 00:31:32,960
food is life and that's all there is to it
not does vary for individuals right because

00:31:32,960 --> 00:31:38,400
sometimes people will have histamine issues and
sometimes people have oxalate issues but your

00:31:38,400 --> 00:31:44,480
diet really does need to be on point and then you
start killing and you start getting to the things

00:31:44,480 --> 00:31:49,200
you start getting to the candida you start getting
to the bacteria you start getting into the fungus

00:31:50,160 --> 00:31:54,640
and that's where you really start getting
into parasites and there's a lot of tools

00:31:55,200 --> 00:32:03,040
as well you know doing sauna doing detox baths
doing dry brushing get your lymph moving

00:32:03,040 --> 00:32:08,000
everything gets stagnant with mold so a lot
of times you know we need to we need to move

00:32:08,000 --> 00:32:13,680
our lymph anyways because you know it doesn't have
its own pump but when you're mold sick it's really

00:32:13,680 --> 00:32:19,360
not moving so you really need to focus on that
but it's just slowly building these things up

00:32:20,160 --> 00:32:24,880
and you know I always look at it like
if you're taking two steps forward even

00:32:24,880 --> 00:32:28,720
though if you hit a b p and you take a step
back you're still making progress because

00:32:29,680 --> 00:32:35,760
every time I would like level up and feel good
I’d be like oh my gosh I feel great and then

00:32:35,760 --> 00:32:40,960
like two months later I’d be like oh my gosh I
feel great like it was like every time like I

00:32:40,960 --> 00:32:49,280
it had been so long since I felt good I actually
forgot what it felt like to honestly be h an and

00:32:49,280 --> 00:32:55,840
the big thing is you can recover from this I’m
telling you and it doesn't it doesn't have to be

00:32:56,400 --> 00:33:02,400
difficult per se you just have to make sure
that you're being guided properly because

00:33:02,400 --> 00:33:07,360
people do waste a lot of time and a lot and
a lot of money unfortunately it's just it's

00:33:08,000 --> 00:33:14,240
having somebody that is fully versed in all
all aspects because you do need to support

00:33:14,800 --> 00:33:21,600
your liver you need to support your gallbladder
you need to work on your on your microbiome we 70

00:33:21,600 --> 00:33:25,840
of us have leaky gut as it is like all
of these things have to come into play

00:33:28,000 --> 00:33:31,440
and like you mentioned like the diet
protocol is going to change too because

00:33:31,440 --> 00:33:36,400
this may be a time and a place where
someone switches to like a really paleo diet

00:33:36,400 --> 00:33:43,520
so just know that like there can there are
therapeutic diets that definitely have a time and

00:33:43,520 --> 00:33:49,760
a place for some of these different conditions and
there's so much more we could get into here but

00:33:49,760 --> 00:33:55,040
that was an amazing introduction on what someone
could do so open up the detox pathways like she

00:33:55,040 --> 00:34:01,680
said there's just a few ways in and out of the
body you know you breathe it you eat it crying

00:34:02,400 --> 00:34:08,160
crying yeah crying is a detox pathway believe
it releases those emotions and it gets those

00:34:08,160 --> 00:34:16,240
fluids going it's do it all yeah totally
you know what's interesting is that the chemical

00:34:16,240 --> 00:34:21,680
composition of your tears changes depending on
if it's a happy tear or a sad tear that's a total

00:34:21,680 --> 00:34:25,840
side note that there's nothing I believe in what
we're talking about but it's just interesting so

00:34:25,840 --> 00:34:31,680
maybe you can get a diversity of tears out there
exactly diversified are crying so we can like make

00:34:31,680 --> 00:34:37,840
sure we're covering all the bases here like snappy
movies in and then some scary ones I'm kidding

00:34:37,840 --> 00:34:42,960
anyway so but yeah open up the detox pathways
support your organs I love that definitely support

00:34:42,960 --> 00:34:48,960
your emotions you mentioned trauma before
some of these is huge emotional yeah I’ll

00:34:48,960 --> 00:34:54,400
tell you that I honestly I do not have a client
that does not have built-up trauma and if you

00:34:55,200 --> 00:35:01,600
and it doesn't necessarily mean even beforehand
which does hinder it but just the trauma alone

00:35:01,600 --> 00:35:08,400
from this illness yeah it's pretty intense
it's really scary when you first get diagnosed

00:35:08,400 --> 00:35:12,960
and you're scared to walk into buildings
you know real quick I’ll tell you real quick

00:35:12,960 --> 00:35:18,800
today's a perfect example I was working away
in my office at home I'm on the second floor

00:35:18,800 --> 00:35:23,520
I’ve got a main bathroom here and then I
have a two-piece bathroom on the main floor

00:35:24,480 --> 00:35:30,960
so three bathrooms in total and there are some
guys out on the working on a manhole on the road

00:35:30,960 --> 00:35:36,160
and I didn't think anything of it but then I heard
my toilet gurgling and the gurgle started getting

00:35:36,160 --> 00:35:42,800
louder and I'm like what is going on and I
actually thank goodness I was home I got up

00:35:42,800 --> 00:35:50,960
I had two toilets in my house that had like a
fountain spray of gurgle coming out and it was so

00:35:50,960 --> 00:35:58,160
bad that it was actually reaching my bathtub so my
counter my walls like and you know and this is the

00:35:58,160 --> 00:36:02,560
term of endearment not everybody likes this but I
do call myself a moldy because I’ve lived with it

00:36:02,560 --> 00:36:08,160
long enough I was first exposed when I was seven
so I call myself a moldy so this moldy is like

00:36:08,160 --> 00:36:14,480
you gotta be kidding me now thank goodness that
I am definitely operating resting by jess I just

00:36:14,480 --> 00:36:18,320
grabbed some towels and I started mopping
it up but I was taking pictures I was doing

00:36:18,320 --> 00:36:23,200
video I'm getting a hold of the builder
now imagine and I said this to them I said

00:36:23,200 --> 00:36:28,800
imagine the people that aren't home right now so
imagine if that now sits for six or seven hours so

00:36:28,800 --> 00:36:37,840
I’ll end it with this it's you know water damage
is horrendous mold starts within 24 to 48 hours

00:36:37,840 --> 00:36:44,560
so when you notice any type of water if you
can get it dried out asap that's what you need

00:36:44,560 --> 00:36:52,080
to do I dried mine up I got the towels I got the
fans out I did everything I could I was you know

00:36:52,080 --> 00:36:57,680
I was busy in the middle of my work day you know
I still have to disinfect my bathrooms obviously

00:36:58,560 --> 00:37:04,560
but you need to get to it immediately because
it does it only takes 24 to 48 hours and those

00:37:04,560 --> 00:37:10,240
molds spores can be around for weeks before
they're visible so that's another thing

00:37:11,360 --> 00:37:16,000
so act yeah act fast with moisture so well I’m
excited to see all the tips and tools that come

00:37:16,000 --> 00:37:21,040
out you know following part of this awareness
campaign so thank you again so much Jenipher for

00:37:21,040 --> 00:37:25,360
that we can't wait to hear even more from you
throughout the rest of the month but I'm sure I’m

00:37:25,360 --> 00:37:30,800
not the only one who learned things on this call
I appreciate that you presented it in both an

00:37:30,800 --> 00:37:36,080
awareness and empowering way so that we know that
there are things that we can do in our power so I

00:37:36,080 --> 00:37:44,240
just thank you again Jenipher sir for educating
us and facilitating support groups so we

00:37:44,240 --> 00:37:49,680
will wrap that up for today and can't wait to hear
from you again so thank you so much for joining us

00:37:49,680 --> 00:37:56,160
Jenipher and thanks everybody yes thank you thank
you we will circle back to this topic again soon

00:37:57,600 --> 00:38:01,600
hey thank you for joining us I hope you had
as much fun as we did if you would ever like

00:38:01,600 --> 00:38:08,640
to connect with us in person or live online for
webinars course certifications events conferences

00:38:08,640 --> 00:38:16,640
parties go ahead and check out our upcoming
event schedule at

00:38:16,640 --> 00:38:22,320
we would love to connect with you we also
host weekly live question and answer sessions

00:38:23,040 --> 00:38:31,840
until then have a spectacular day

00:38:34,480 --> 00:38:34,980


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