In-Person TNC/HHC Certification Conference









Join us in person

April 28 - May 1
TNC/HHC Certification Conference - Utah 

We welcome you with open arms to experience one of our LIVE events with us! Certification conferences are PACKED day-to-day with relevant, applicable, and cutting-edge health information and trainings. 

And the best part... you get to spend four days in a room filled with our community members!


Our Conference Topics include:

✔ Cell biology

✔ Integrative Medicine

✔ Advanced Nutrition

✔ Fascia Release

✔ Neurotransmitter Balancing

✔ Full Body System Health

✔ Energy Healing

Business Building Topics Include:

✔ Coaching Techniques

✔ Organizing and Leading Community Classes

✔ Structuring Your Business for Success

**This event is FREE for students enrolled after 11/20/20.
Email [email protected] for discount link.

Who is invited?

This conference is for all Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor and Holistic Health Coach students. If you are already enrolled in these programs, go ahead and register below.

If you are not enrolled in these programs YET but are interested in learning more, go ahead and fill out the interest form so we can see if these program align with your goals!

Pre-Enrollment Interest Form

What will we do at the in-person event?

Attendees participate in hands-on learning and teaching in a classroom setting. Topics such as cell biology, integrative medicine, advanced nutrition, fascia release, neurotransmitter balancing, endocrine and digestive system health, energy healing, coaching techniques, how to organize and teach community classes, and dozens of other topics are taught by instructors and fellow TNCs/HHCs.  

Outside of class, various (optional) holistic therapies are organized, such as morning yoga/tai chi, evening sound healing ceremonies, and nature walks in some of Utah’s finest national and state parks.